Sixten Vs One Teaspoon

you will soon see a lot of sixten’s stuff on this site.
This one of sixten’s stecils on a singlet in some fasion show for ‘one teaspoon’ as seen in Fashon Journal about two months ago
One teaspoon
Stencil in an alley in Melbourne by Sixten circa ~2003
Issue is being resolved: One Teaspoon had been fooled by a freelance graphic designer for paying him for the design. In good faith they have offered to pay Sixten for the use of his work. Totally redeemed themselves.
Anyone want to point out the freelance “artist”?


  • i cannot beleive this they think we wouldn’t notice. what bastards. your my new fav blog

  • at least tehy tried to redeem themselves, kinda eases the blow a bit


    the irony of liberty is no-one here is truly free

  • thinking about it, i’m damn sure exactly the same stencil as on the one teaspoon shirt, appears elsewhere in someone elses repetoire……….cant remember who though,

    the irony of liberty is no-one here is truly free

  • Ok lets not express TOO much shock that attractive art sprayed on the streets turns up unfairly used. The guy who took it is playing outside the rules. Perhaps he dissagrees when others say graphic design is not free you can’t just take it. Not unlike the artist Sixten who has similar views when it comes to outdoor promotion. He sees a place to promote his art he just takes it.
    Hows this for a ne Blog: “Did you think we wouldn’t you used our building as a billboard for self promotion and never payed”

    Sounds harsh I know but i just think the other side of the argument needs to be pointed out.

  • Nice angle you take DaveHimself; I like to do the same thing myself just to check myself. But then again, it’s way too easy to conflate one view with it’s supposed opposite. A street-artist paying rent to a building owner hardly equates to a street artist getting paid by a profit-making venture such as a magazine or fashion label or any other commercial product. The missing detail in your neat equation is that the streetartist usually is not making any profit from gifting their art to the street.

  • That bird in the blue has got a fit arse, and that graff is totally radical dude!

  • dave himself is a dumbass to say the least anyone agree?

  • one it hits the streets it’s fair game-
    what bullshit is that?!?

    anyone who’s stealing someone else’s
    hard work is a peice of shit.

  • I am merely presenting the otherside of the argument. Trying to help people think rationally. It is strange that you don’t see the inconsistanies in alot of your statements. If I take a persons photo and turn it into a stencil, paint it on a wall and it winds up on a tee. Then the T-shirt company stole it from me. But I did not steal it from the photographer? I know, I know it is creative to turn it into a stencil, but R2D2 is someones creation and I don’t see any posts here about it getting bitten by street artists.

    Is the Roussimoff family reaping the benefits of the OBEY campaigns which use the likeness and legacy of André “The Giant” Roussimoff. I sincerely hope so. They may in fact for all i know, but thats the point. Try to stay fairminded about it.

    I love this site and agree with at on some levels. It just feels very one sided.

  • dave himself says

    “If I take a persons photo and turn it into a stencil, paint it on a wall and it winds up on a tee. Then the T-shirt company stole it from me. But I did not steal it from the photographer?”

    were did the origional image come from?

    someone ask 6:10

  • It never came from a photo. I drew the illustration before I made it a stencil… so that’s where it came from.

  • But you got paid in the long run. Which is good.

    Lovely illiustration by the way.

    I presume you paid the actor from the fatboy slim “Yo-mama” promo to use his likeness on a t-shirt ;)

  • does anyone know how much oneteaspoon payed theM!?

    They’ve done exactly the same to a girls year 12 studio art work at my school!

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  • this just amazes me. so many talents are waiting for a place in the fashion industry and are actually talanted and come up with there “own ideas”. look who the companies are hiring, fake talent. thats the fashion industry for you. its all fake, its all copied, they live off stealing other peoples ideas and taking credit for it.

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