mercyful fate


  1. Matt Damon 09/18/2006 6:41 pm

    wait, so verte ripped this off (kinda) from FUCT? and then they complain like shit when volcom straight rips them? huh…

  2. [ R O N E ] 09/19/2006 1:36 am

    I don’t buy this. It’s King Diamond. who wouldn’t put him on a tee shirt.

    Tino Razo is in love with the guy, I doubt he looked at fuct and said ‘that’s a good idea’

    Plus it came out much earlier than that date- I own that Verte tee : )

  3. gooDs 09/19/2006 4:53 pm

    It appears that the fuct shirt has emphasis on gold fronts. Something Dave’s Quality Meats did with the misfits skull. I definitely don’t buy that Tino ripped this off. Not to mention the Fuct one looks like ass anyways.

  4. CRIMSON & CLOVER 09/19/2006 6:22 pm

    Dear [R O N E],

    Although you most probably have a point when mentioning that the Verte family admires King Diamond, one of the siblings unfortunately left a door
    wide open to speculation when faced with the following:

    “Well, as you know, neither of us own the rights to Mercyful Faith images…”
    (E. Brunetti)

    “Umm… What’s a Mercyful Faith?”
    (Razo sibling)

    In the end, Verte did apologize & FUCT gracefully accepted, letting the Verte family know that the mere fact of addressing the subject in person was quite an honorable gesture, considering they were the ONLY ones to ever do so.

    FUCT wishes Verte much success in their future ventures & thanks them sincerely for stepping up.


  5. CRIMSON & CLOVER 09/19/2006 8:12 pm


    Mercyful Fate.

  6. [ R O N E ] 09/19/2006 11:31 pm

    I’m still not sold on verte taking the idea from fuct but you have some interesting insight to the matter at hand…
    but as you say they both don’t really own the images anyway…

  7. line6 09/20/2006 2:15 am

    this was posted on the Brooklyn Project’s blog today:

    The issue can be treated in two very distinct manners, though. And the
    outcome did not necessarily have to turn out this way:

    In one case, an artist “inspired” by another work of art can achieve
    the utmost respect from his peers when an honest effort to mention the
    source of inspiration is made. This is a quite simple yet effective
    way of letting the world know that integrity surpasses the need for instant

    If this crucial information is omitted, the end product is a mere
    “bite” of the original, which would bring us down the “other” path.
    The one dominated by ego, pride & the “agenda”. But then again, not
    every human being was raised with the same ethics & values. And
    unfortunately, this particular industry often seems to turn a blind
    eye on these types of situations. Is it a lack of common sense on the
    part of the people who make up this industry that allows “copycats” to
    actually make a living? Or is it simply intellectual laziness? One
    thing is for sure; those who do seek the truth and try to get to the
    bottom of the story are only a feeble few.

    Ultimately, those who stand the test of time are those who truly do
    make a difference, in every sense of the word.

    I think this problem will always be present in this industry as it grows bigger and bigger. As in all creative industries, the people who compose it are more than often interested in the fame and money that can accompany a successful, much hyped line. Modesty is rather rare. Ego seems to be of the essence. Wanting to please, or simply to take over at any cost is often the motivation behind streetwear creations. The same way music production has become readily available to anyone with a computer, t-shirt making has become somewhat of a hobby. For the rich? Or the bored? Or the DJ turned designer? In a sea of mediocrity, it beomes more and more of a task to separate the diamonds in the rough from the fillers.
    As Nicky Hilton once cited, while discussing her new clothing line: “It’s a lot more difficult than I thought!”
    If Verte actually did address the issue face to face with FUCT, they indeed won back some brownie points. I have been scouring the web for any confession I could find from the other accused, namely Shepard, who has heavily relied on FUCT for inspiration through out the year; Nigo, who has blatantly ripped off the american-born streetwear pionneer & SSUR, a less than talented thug-come-designer who used the FUCT logo for his store awning in New York City a few years back – enough to confuse people into contacting FUCT asking if they had opened up a store on the East Coast.
    I did not find one sinlge comment. Difficult to digest when accusations are made more and more public, and when respectable industry contributors have themselves been shining a light on this issue.
    My theory is quite simple: Shepard is a white-bread silver-spoon fed kid from San Diego, who would wheatpaste his Obey stuff all over the city right before ASR, to make sure people would notice him. The message behind his so called art still remains a mystery to me and his artist statement was clearly written by someone else. He hides behind a team of publicists that tell him to ignore the FUCT “thing” – that enventually it will go away. I have been in contact with more than a few journalist who have tried to open THAT door, and were simply given the cold shoulder. If you look at Shepard’s body of work, any smart person can see that he brown-nosed his way into magazines, art galleries & shops. You can google his photo at the drop of a dime (what REAL street artist would want his face so recognizable if he was making REAL damage to public property. Banksy sure as hell stays out of the spotlight…) Which leads me to believe that contrary to popular belief, Obey, the “propaganda” compaign that invites young people to “question authority” is nothing more than a gigantic money making machine for the Jewish Moroccan investors that practically own Obey at this point. Legions of kids who stick stickers because they do not have anything smarter to do. SSUR on the other hand, recently must have realised that he was not such a great artist after all, and turned to organising the greatest industry scam of all: tradeshows. His old designs are pretty hard to find on the web. He was a little more aware of what he was doing, so made sure not much paper trail could incriminate him. If ever you have had the chance to meet this fascinating ebonic-speaking work of art, you probably did wonder why the hell he invested his hard earned drug money into such terrible designs. Nigo, on the other hand, is pretty much an idiot who spends much too much time trying to look black & dressing himself and his entourage like 8 year kids. When he came to america a few years ago visited the X-Large shop in Los Angeles, he pretty much took mental polaroids of the shop and used it as a blue-print to create his gawdy, tasteless, over-price clothing line. Of course, he will thank the Yakuza and Pharell Williams, but why would he mention WHO gave him a carreer, a Bently, an empire and more sex, diamond & goldfronts than an asian wigger with a penis for a head could ever had imagined.
    My conlusion is that none of these individuals would go out on a limb to safe-guard their “creation”. Faced with a camera and magazine cover prospect, feature interview or documentary offer, they shine in their ego-maniacal glory and illusion that they somehow have accomplished someting great for the human race. Faced with the ultimate question: “Who is Erik Brunetti to you, and who has FUCT inspired you over the years?” They shy away, hide under a rock, get all worked up and threaten to send the Russian mob to shut you up; rather than forget about their ego for about 1 minute and reply the smart & humble answer;

    “Ah… So you DID notice! Haha… Well, this is how it goes:………”

  8. Sjeiti 09/21/2006 1:24 pm

    But didn’t FUCT just ‘steal’ King Diamonds face in the first place? After all, the true work of art here is the face of King Diamond. He is the one doing all the hard work painting his face gig after gig and making uggly faces (and I don’t see his name on the sleeve).

  9. Joe 09/29/2006 2:26 pm

    Sjeiti’s right. Anyone taking a publicly available image could be considered stealing. Besides, Verte’s tee doesn’t even look anything like Fuct’s besides the fact that the person on the tee is the same.

    Sometimes I don’t get how people can just point to something and say “that is a bite”.

  10. Tommo 09/30/2006 4:03 am

    l think the point was that the both ran with the same idea at the same time. if it is or isn’t the same image is not relevent.

    What makes this kind of interesting is the whole volcom thing that went down.

  11. Ffffff 09/30/2006 8:16 am

    Line6: You had me up until “Jewish Moroccan investers”, you dingbat.

  12. IRON PLAID 10/01/2006 5:50 pm

    What? I did not know Morocco had Jews there as well? Is that where the volcom shit is made?

  13. Geeb 10/17/2006 5:03 pm

    WHOA! Calm down there “somebody at Verte say this post and text messaged all his friends to go to this website and post a comment supporting Verte” club. Shiiit. Circles, man…your all going in circles.

  14. D 10/29/2006 11:22 pm

    i like the fact that as a designer you can do a bunch of t shirts, then a few months later you realise where you actually got the idea from without even thinking about it. half the time this is how it works (for us people with real jobs) you’ll see shit, subconciously store it away in your memory banks, and then it’ll come out months down the track in some garbled version of what you dont even remember looking at. but this still means you fuct up bcos you shoulda been paying attention.
    the other half of the time i be ripping shit off on purpose.
    like my lingo.

  15. BRWLTKX1 12/24/2006 3:48 am


  16. Jesus Christ 03/23/2007 3:51 pm


    But didn’t FUCT just ’steal’ King Diamonds face in the first place? After all, the true work of art here is the face of King Diamond. He is the one doing all the hard work painting his face gig after gig and making uggly faces (and I don’t see his name on the sleeve). ”



    Verte’s tee doesn’t even look anything like Fuct’s besides the fact that the person on the tee is the same.”

    who’s he kidding? this guy probably works for verte. lobotomize them is what i say.

    sincerly yours,

    J. Of Nazareth

    ps: I never was a Jew.

  17. james 09/24/2007 9:29 pm

    thats what fashion is all about , people biting others or in some cases people being inspired by others.. it will never stop .

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