Banksy vs. The Detroit Tigers

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I can’t be the only one who’s noticed that this Detroit Tigers t-shirt design
looks an awful lot like Banksy’s Tiger/Barcode graffiti design, can I?



The thing that bugs me is that This guy Jack Savas at Agui Designs keeps getting praise for his “Edgy Work” (Detroit Free Press article here).

More coverage here.

“The Tiger shirt is sort of an experiment between collections. Savas says the idea came from his frustration with the typical bulky and bland team shirts available to fans.”

No…The idea came from a graffiti artist from the UK, you just lifted it from him.




  • why does that RONE toy delete the truth all the time? i bet he’s a toy as well?


    i didn’t say anything bad, RONE.

    Why do you delete all the good post?

  • ok, ok….I won’t say bad things about all the wealthy jews that are saturating the clothing industry, and stealing my boy Banksy work.

    maybe Jack Savas is Irish?

    NO, NO!!!! WAIT! I bet he’s a filthy fuckin greek?

  • Dear Frank:
    shit get’s deleted because i don’t want this to be an artist vs artist bitch fight. I want it to be more about companies who steal from artist- if you just want good old graff beef go to and post your shit there.

  • Frank- It’s just not on to say ‘fuck jews’ that’s why I deleted it. I felt embarassed for your ignorance

  • R O N E you are wrong. You need to set rules somewhere before you go deleting everything and pissing off people.

  • good point- X0531- will do.

  • Sorry RONE, I like your site, i was just gassin’ with ya.

  • Ian B. Barkel

    Geting back on track, has anybody e-mailed this prick? I just did and I’m going to keep e-mailing him until he responds.

  • Ian B. Barkel

    Mr. Savas and I have been e-mailing back and forth this morning. These are the e-mails thus far.

    Brian Blake to jack
    More options 9:06 am (1½ hours ago)

    That’s where you stole the design for your Detroit Tigers shirt.

    Jack Savas to me
    More options 9:30 am (1 hour ago)

    Hey Brian
    We did not steal anything we got Banksy’s permission from his blog to re-draw his original street art.

    he is happy to have his artwork in the marketplace.

    Brian Blake to jack
    More options 9:37 am (1 hour ago)

    Even if that is the case, you don’t give him credit. How is that fair?


    I have received no further e-mails.

  • That seems fishy to me…

    From Banksy’s Website:

    Frequently asked questions

    Do you sell t-shirts?
    i don’t make shirts because it would feel like the painting was a guerilla marketing campaign for a fashion label.

  • Zac, indeed very fishy. What blog btw? -> “from his blog”

    Oh, and stop the fighting, please. Grow up, this is about art, outside of the sandbox. No hard feelings, and take in account, that it is a hard job for RONE to keep this stuff on here administrated.

  • what’s this ignorance shit about blaming ‘the wealth jews’? that shit’s allowed on this site?

  • Has anybody talked to the Detroit free press about this? perhaps written in a rebuttal or letter to the editor?

  • there has been discussion about this on the kidrobot forums. Somebody e-mailed the Detroit free press and they were in contact with the Savas dude and he confirmed he had been given permission to use. As it is not identical to the original legally he doesn’t need permission to use it as it is not a breach of copyright.
    Either way it is dodgy and there is absolutely no way someone held in such high regard as Banksy would give permission to someone to make such lame t-shirt’s.

  • what an ugly shirt.


    I don’t care if it’s only a “limited” run of 600 shirts,
    this Jacky-boy deserves a classical beatdown!

  • I emailed the author of the free press article and am waiting for a response. I also emailed Jack Savas and am waiting for a response from him as well which again I probably wont get seeing as how my letter was pretty nasty.

  • Firstly: Jack Savas is a friggin’ clown.. Creative, very little. Opportunist, A LOT..!!

    Hypothetical question: If Mr. Savas had passed the Banksy stencil on a London street moments after Banksy got up and then went about his business, what would be the differences of Mr. Savas efforts then? Or what if he took a pic of the stencil himself, wouldn’t he then actually own many rights for his photo? These are some grey areas for street art and i’m simply curious..

    I used to write in the early 80′s and I spend my days still sampling old records, living by my old addage that ”copyright infringement is your best entertainment dollar..!!”

    (This site is great btw =)

  • now thats just plain rude. biting has evolved into a sub culture of flunkies with funds who steal your art to print your work weeks after you release it. It’s not even emulation anymore, it’s straight cloning..

  • I am Jewish and wealthy and waaaaay cooler than your sorry ignorant ass. And its people like you who make it so easy to control the masses, media and CASH. Eat a dick shit bag.

    Scott Goldberg

  • wher do you think banksy gets all his ideas from?.. he steals them!!

    this blog is painfully pointless.
    Robin has made nearly 2 million pounds with his artwork, do you think he gives a shit about some pathetic clothing label?


  • fucking shit bastered

  • susan..

    i would agree with you in full IF this were a ‘pathetic clothing label’ but it’s far from that. This was a T made for a major sports team in the US.. like Arsenal in comparison or somethin’ (im assuming your English)

    and they make billions..

    and this blog isnt so painfully pointless, in fact, it points out some very interesting parts of artistic expression. Perhaps the course of inspiration. Perhaps the value of integrity. Perhaps the lazyness of capitalism.

    banksy aint lazy, this dood who ripped him off is.. and yes, banksy prolly doesn’t give a shit, even though the Detroit Tigers pay ad firms hundreds of thousands of dollars a year for cenceptual design and promotion..

  • This is an outrage. I can’t believe the press this guy has gotten for this ripped off design. Why doesn’t the Detroit Press run another article on him? How many other designers has he ripped off? Disgraceful.

  • i actually bought a few of his shirts, and now i think after all of my friends comments how great they are, i would like to recant what i posted earlier. agui rocks!!

  • There is nothing wrong with using the ideas of an artist in order to build upon what has already been done- that is how concepts can evolve, often beyond recognition from the original. However, in this case I can see very little attempt to add anything new to Banksy’s work and therefore have to conclude it’s little more than artistic thievery for the benefit of Mr. Savas, with Banksy receiving no recognition for his work. In any other medium of entertainment this would provide more than enough basis for a lawsuit, and I can’t see how this is any different.

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