Fyasko Prints Ripped Banksy Design

Strolling through Urban Outfitters yesterday one shirt in particular caught my eye because it was so familiar, and I thought to myself, where have I seen this before? In Wall and Piece, duh! Wall and Piece was being conveniently sold downstairs so I showed my friends and they agreed, someone lazy added some more hair to the image and elongated the balloons among other things.

Take a look:

Original Image:

According to the Fyasko website, people can submit work into their online gallery and it may be considered for their clothing line, so it is possible that the company is innocent as far as the design of the shirt, but it is undeniable that they have printed it. Feel free to email them, [email protected], I did, and I hope to get a decent reply. Or if by some sort of wizardry you know someone who knows someone who can get in contact with Banksy, tell them because he does ask in regards to his free image downloads,


  • Nah it’s totally different, she has two pigtails!

    No no, I’m not sure where I stand on this one, I mean isn’t the imagery of the child being lifted up by balloons publicly iconic. And there are a heapf of changes like the balloon shape and the girl shape are different.

    Although having said that if I saw the design I’d instantly think of Banksy, being an owner of ‘Wall and Piece’ myself. So a big fat ‘Hmmm’ from me!

    - LiQ

  • That’s a total rip. The body is almost exact, and that Banksy piece is pretty fresh in people’s memories. The fact that it’s at Urban Outfitters makes it tough to defend, because they’re open to public criticism.

    You should post it on Urban Counterfitters too.

  • this rip is so stupid. in the banksy piece the imagery has so much meaning, because it’s on the palestinian wall. but all of that is, of course, completely lost in that t-shirt.


  • look guys
    chill out
    you can’t copyright graff man

    i’m glad they like my image, i ripped it from a children’s story book.

  • its not the same at all

    there is 2 hands holding balloons
    Where is person on ground
    Balloons are different

  • ‘fraid so….

    it is different…but there is a direct linage that can be traced to an original work…they dodge the bullet, on this one at least.

  • so someone made a piece of street art into some wanna be creative tshirt. bad for them, because they suck, but then again, street art is street art. I think the point exactly about street art is that it has no rights, that’s what drives it.

  • fyasko are a bunch of cock smugglers anyways.

  • Definatley not ripped, I agree with Niq, this image is publically iconic, its fucking retarded to say a child being lifted by baloons is ripped unless its the exact image

  • Yeah, I have to agree with the people that said, “not ripped.” Lamely copied, maybe, but the image is different. You can’t go around saying just because VanGough drew sunflowers anyone else who draws them is ripping his work.

  • Banksy, I’m in love with you: skybluepink doesn’t come in a spray can….

  • konture: talking nonsense. graffiti doesnt have any rights? the art belongs to the artist wherever it is.

    “banksy” – yeah that’s really you. lol.

    banksy pretends to be anti-copyright but secretly has his people pursue copyright infringement.

  • this is a rip…however it could be the image in the t is the original that banksy may have lifted.?

  • myung soo babo


  • These clowns knocked me off as well.
    I did a giraffe with shades and Polar bear with shades 3 years ago for Urban Outfitters, now these guys are doing it for PACSUN.
    Weak Shit! Get your own ideas!

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