Yet another Hot Topic rip?

Hot TopicBig Fluff

It would appear that Hot Topic (left) are selling a design ripped from British label Big Fluff (right)… with a new logo. I’ve sent an email, I’ll let you know what happens.


Links: Hot TopicBig Fluff


  • yeah, see this is a rip, a bonafide jack-move

  • Yep, they’ve owned up to it and taken it down from their website – they told me they bought it from a vendor in Seattle called “Danger Field” but i cant find any info about them!!

  • There’s a youth fashion orientated clothing label and shop in Australia called Dangerfield, but I don’t think they’re related. Just FYI.

  • Why can’t something permanent be done to stop UO and HT from screwing with other people’s shit? This is a constant problem.

  • Lesner Brydge

    finally one that is so blatant. this is without a doubt stolen.. but its hot topic. are you surprised?

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