Gold Frapped

Have you seen Gold frapps video clip for Happiness?
Copied by: DOUGAL WILSON – 2008
Production Company: Colonel Blimp

Is way too close to Peter wolf, Come as you are:
Directed by: EDD GRILES – 1987

But my favourite is the remix if that wasn’t obvious enough:

Goldfrapp – ‘Happiness’ | Dir. Dougal Wilson???


  • Yeah the same concept but if asked I’m also sure they wouldn’t be embarrased to say that they had used it for inspiration and that if anything they’d call it a homage. It’s a happy guy jumping, I can just see them sitting down saying ‘hmmm… remember that 80′s jumping guy vid, it was pretty cool, yeah let’s do something like that’. I personally don’t think this should be considered a rip. Obvious use for inspiration but I think that’s as far as it goes. How much different could you make a guy jumping through his day look?

  • Also… What is the third video supposed to be proof of? It’s badly edited, extremely amateur version of the original video with Goldfrapp music?

  • well…at least the Goldfrapp jumper has a lot more technique!

    ; )

    But yeah….I don’t know where you’d draw the line between hommage and rip-off.

    I’d lean more for the rip-off. If you’ve going to steal an idea so blatantly…you should at least make a very evident reference to the original so that it’s clear (nudge nudge wink wink) that you are making a reference or play on the original.

  • It is a big ass ribboff for certain.

  • C’mon guys! Doesn’t anyone remember this was originally done by Bobby Van in some old MGM musical. Peter Wolf’s version is an hommage to Bobby Van, Goldfrapp’s is the rippoff.

  • You can see the original Bobby Van bit from Small Town Girl at . Both are pretty clearly an homage to it.

  • I’m with JG – both videos pay homage to the Bobby Van piece.
    If you see a Busby Berkeley-inspired video or ad you simply acknowledge it for being obviously inspired and not ripping off Spike Jonze/Björk – It’s Oh So Quiet. The hopping fellow is no different to a synchronised musical and each of these pieces has its own joy for different reasons and Dougal’s was obviously as inspired by the original as Peter Wolf’s.

  • I recently attended a video show with a Q&A with Douglas Wilson, his is a homage to Small Town Girl. They even had a poster from the original film on a lampost in the video shoot but it whizzed past so fast you couldn’t see it in the final cut.
    He was unaware of the Bobby Van version until after his was completed.

  • i don’t know, with a lot of the same stuff in the vid(trash can lids, cars in the street, movers) it’s pretty close to a rip off

  • Dear YTWWN,

    We did think you would notice, had you watched Bobby Van’s famous jumping scene from ‘Small Town Girl’ (as Peter, JGCook, dL and strictlykev kindly point out). You can see it at

    This is actually what I shamelessly ripped off, not Peter Wolf. The Peter Wolf video had obviously been inspired by the same marvelous dance routine. I hadn’t seen the Peter Wolf video until after I’d made the Goldfrapp video and people on the internet started saying I’d ripped him off.

    I attempted to make the Goldfrapp video a respectful homage to Bobby Van and László Kardos (the director of Small Town Girl) by casting a dancer who looked similar to Bobby Van, giving him the same white suit and tie, setting the video in as similar a location as we could find in wintry London, and including as many of the same gags as we could afford. I also included a poster for ‘Small Town Girl’ on a lampost, but frustratingly, you can’t read it because of strobing!

    I seemed to have unwittingly inspired quite a healthy debate. I won’t be getting ‘inspired’ by anything else in a hurry.

    Anyway, I protest too much.

    All the best,


  • there are a millon ways to make a guy jump without repeating the whole secuence shot in a neighborhood.

    ¿inspired or ripped? same thing to me. But i got to say they are all very good videos, but of course the credit of having an inspiration should be the one who did it first. The one who had the idea, and i got to say it is a great one.

    And also thanx for sharing these discoveries with all of us.

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  • My thanks to Dougal for weighing in . I find his mv a much truer homage to Bobby Van’s (dancing )? But the biggest reason I like it more is simple . ALISON !!!!

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