Who came first? Crooked Monkey or Jay Jays? *UPDATE*

Received an email today from Crooked Monkey. Turns out Jay Jays has in fact ripped off their design.

In regards to their design they said:

“This is a direct knock off of our shirt. Amazing. We came up with this shirt in August of 2006 and produced it shortly thereafter.”

They go onto say that they have just appointed an Australian distributor and that they will have him check out a Jay Jays store to see if any other designs have been knocked off. Adding that they will also be contacting the company.

Lastly they thanked me for alerting them to it.

I’ll keep you posted if anything further happens.


  • I’m not entirely surprised, but it is kind of amazing that such a big company, probably raking it in (aren’t they in the same company as Just Jeans and a couple of others?!), would blatantly rip people off. Perhaps they pay freelancers and don’t check the integrity of the designs?

  • Wow, has it been a whole year since we heard from Jay Jays? http://youthoughtwewouldntnotice.com/blog3/?p=249
    Hopefully one day someone will haul them through the system and “take them to the cleaners” so to speak.
    =) Marc

  • If they shop at JJ’s then we should just feel sorry for them…

    They have a market of ppl who don’t care..its all about the $$$

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