• oh no! more than one person is using the same typeface!

  • Both have probably bought the rights to use the commercial font. That’s the only thing the adverts have in common.

  • and its not a commercial font.its a free font. check it out over on dafont.com

    this is not a rip at all. so get the fuck out of here with that bullshit.

  • lol, remove please.

  • it’s just the same free font. everybody can download it.

  • That font is super popular… and free. I would think working for a company as big as those two the designer would at least edit the font a little bit more though…

  • Haha try making your own logo next time instead of using a typeface, both of you.

  • At least Generation Kill is a pretty good show.

  • fonts ftl.

  • Its shotgun ambulance from dafont.com

    If anyone feels like using it


  • Not a rip, but it’s embarrassing that HBO would rather use a novelty typeface to brand a show rather than creating a unique identity…

  • Hahaha.

  • Yeah, it’s always super lame to see big marketing campaigns done with free fonts. Especially ones as stylized as these. At least everyone’s done using Polaroid 22, I guess.

  • These shitty posts are clogging up my interwebs tubes.

  • I invented ‘Bank Gothic’, and I am owed trillions of dollars.

  • It seems there is some confusion brewing here. So, let’s debate it.

    Free doesn’t mean “Totally Freaking Free – without any rights retained by the creator”. I believe in dafonts.com’s case, it means – you’re free to click “download” and save it to your desktop, and possibly make a cd cover for a mix you made for your mom or a banner you designed on the apple II at school for the upcoming play – but, in most of the zip packs you will find a readme file which most always states that the fonts are not for commercial use, unless permission is granted. Period, end of story. So, maybe I’m wrong here, but it seems that as a matter of law, and not that of a lunch room debate – the rights to licensing remain with the designer – in the case of Krock and Hbo, they are both pretty lame as this font is freakin’ everywhere – even in the “girls bathroom”.

  • from the author’s website :

    These fonts are free for personnal use only. For the commercial usage of my fonts, I only ask for a donation of the amount you want on my paypal account..

    So (maybe) they’ve bought it :)

  • I think this is a font on dafont.com

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