Old Navy v/s Converge (UPDATE-no rip)

YTWWN SAYS: Yes there is a likeness, but definitely 2 different source images. I think the old navy one could be Edie sedgwick?


Old Navy's version available on their website

Old Navy's version available on their website

This Old Navy shirt available on their website bares a striking resemblance to the band Converge’s  Jane Doe record cover and tshirt artwork which was created by the bands singer and visual artist Jacob Bannon.

Converge/Bannon's original artwork

Converge/Bannon's original artwork


  • Lesner Brydge

    i see the likeness. both shirts are black, with 2 sleeves and a neck hole, and they appear to be pullovers. other than that,they both have oversized pictures on the front. one appears to be a classic hollywood actress. the other looks like a random picture of a dude. is this a contest? the old navy shirt has a better design. it carries the print up into the collar and thats tight. whereas the converge shirt is kinda lame.

    ***on another note. i hear converge side project “the Doomriders” (so scary), might possibly be sued by Mattel over using the Skeletor likeness as their band logo.

  • if these were both photos next to each other would one still be a rip? no.

  • title: “Old Navy v/s Converge (UPDATE-no rip)”

    did you miss it and just jump straight on in?

  • wow, what a bitch.

  • I think the Converge shirt is much more appealing. All of those trendy stores are stealing the traditional band merch look to sell shit to kids who don’t go to shows, but want to pretend they do.

  • Lesner Brydge

    i’ve seen more kids at shows wearing old navy than i have wearing converge.

  • Ripoff Artist

    You should stop going to see Ms. Dion then.

  • Old Navy image looks like Marlene Dietrich, in Blonde Venus (Paramount Pictures 1932 )

  • this is retarded

  • I’m with Derek on this one.

  • The funny thing is that the converge tee looks exactly like a tee from the company Stereo Sound Agency that is from a Jason Lee portrait taken over 4 years ago. It almost looks like an exact rip off.

    Here is the first one its kinda hard to see though.
    http://www.theberrics.com/ pho/jlee01.jpg

    Here is the other where the graphic is not obstructed.
    img2.timeinc.net/…/ 071029/jaime_pressly.jpg

    I have the original at home too and will take pics and post them.

  • Sorry here is a better link for the second one.


  • Josh: Converge’s Jane Doe album came out in 2001 and knowing Converge, they were selling the shirts for probably a good 6 months prior. Old Navy bit off of what has become pretty much and iconic design in punk/hardcore/metal circles. The Jane Doe face is like the Misfits Crimson Ghost Skull of the 2000s. Walk around any city and you’ll see people wearing it.

  • Well I apologize for my post then, I have no idea when Jason took the photo so I don’t have a clear frame of reference to see who would have brought it out first. All though I have walked around many cities and never seen anyone wearing that tee. Having said that I will probably see it all the time now haha thats how it usually works.

  • Late to this, but the bottom photo is Madonna, taken from some of her arty nude photos from before she was famous. The top one looks like Marlene Dietrich, but I think is more an homage to a famous Dietrich pic. possibly from the 70′s.

  • i like converge, i really do, but the idea wasn’t original in the first place. neither of the two shirts are very original. jane doe may be iconic for you crazed fanboys, but the old navy image is of a famous actress and more accessible to the general public.

  • who’s portrait is it on the jane doe cover?

  • Old Navy’s shirt is obviously an homage to Eraserhead.

  • Yep, the Old Navy photo is one of the most iconic photos ever taken, of Marlene Dietrich in the thirties. Very well known in the art and pop culture worlds. The Madonna photo used in the band tshirt is paying homage to her. This band Converge (never heard of them) is the one who used someone else’s image. Maybe when you kids graduate from high school and leave mom’s house you might find out about things made before 1998.

  • “The Madonna photo used in the band tshirt”

    Umm, what? Jacob Bannon created the girl, “Jane Doe,” from scratch using mixed media. It is not Madonna, nor is it a homage to Madonna.

  • Hearing someone say Converge is paying homage to Madonna (in a condescending manner to top it off!) just makes me smile. You don’t know what you’re talking about, Neyer, and you shouldn’t pretend to.

  • go look at the rest of the “jane doe” album art and maybe listen to the song jane doe and read the lyrics to see what the picture actually is about before assuming jacob bannon used madonna’s picture. the rest of the album art has pictures of each member of the band in the same sort of silhouette style. if you haven’t heard converge, or done any research you wouldn’t understand. their music is very heavy in an abstract twisted way almost ambient way so that picture matches the album perfectly. go listen to the song jane doe while looking at the picture you’ll see that the image is something a lot darker and abstract than a picture of madonna. i’m pretty sure jacob bannon has more self respect for his art and his passion than to use a picture of madonna in this first place. maybe people who don’t know shit about converge should keep their mouths shut about it and go listen to music that all the other old navy faggots listen to?

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