Mi portfolio es tu portfolio

Last month I designed my portfolio. A few people liked it and I began to receive some congratulations emails or IM requests.

In Sep 8th, I noticed something weird on the stadistics for the site. That’s how I found out someone had stolen my design and didn’t even bother to remove the stadistics code from the footer.

Original: http://nataliadevalle.com.ar

Copy: http://ale.com.pk

He did bothered to remove the credits from the stylesheet though.

What really pissed me off: the guy added me on MSN to congratulate me for my work on that design. When I told him that I already knew he had stolen my design, he said he had not excuses and apologized. He said he would take the design down. (you can read the conversation here)

Today is Sep 21th and he still didn’t do it. I’ve sent him an email and I IM’d him. I didn’t get any response.


  • i read the conversation you had with him on IM and wow, what an audacious jerk!! i emailed him via the comments section asking him about it – i wasn’t an asshole, i just asked him how he could be such a hack and have no shame.

  • what a douche

  • emailed him as well…

  • The stupidest thing about stealing a portfolio design wholesale, is if you can’t design your own portfolio, how the heck are you going to provide customers with the goods?

    It’s one thing to hit CSSzengarden or designmeltdown and get inspired or maybe snag that snippet of css that you couldn’t figure out on your own. It’s another to just steal. You’re not just stealing code, you’re stealing an entire idea and proving that you are not a designer.

  • @arkonbey: I don’t think the guy is a designer. If you look at the page he linked on “portfolio”, it’s his resumé. Which is even more scary… they guy teaches computer science. What kind of teacher can you be when you steal other’s work?

  • i got so angry reading this. I emailed him too and told him off. Can you post his msn addy so I can finish telling him off on msn?

  • dont worry, i just realised it was in your msn conversation

  • You could always send a DMCA takedown notice to his webhost, IX Webhosting (site: http://www.ixwebhosting.com), as they are in the US. (Columbus, OH)

  • it is now April 30, 2009 and the rip site is still live.

  • October 17th 2009 and the rip site is still live. What a hack!

  • the rip is still there…

  • It’s still there.

    Is anyone else bothered by the fact that the one piece of “tape” goes UNDER his photo? It looks so sloppy, especially considering how easy it would be to fix. You’d think potential clients/employers would find that suspicious on an otherwise well-detailed design, sigh.

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