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Recently a lot of fake iPhones came to life in Russia. They are often being sold in the manner of a big rush, something like “Look, bro, I don’t have enough money for my train/plane tickets or whatever, but I’ve got a real iPhone, look the battery is dead but when you turn it on pushing the power you can see an apple logo for a while, so just charge it and you have an iphone!”. So people fall on this and then bring such devices to the service centers where they are being disassembled, and what a surprise – inside there is no anything looking like iPhone inner stuff but only two batteries and a light bulb lighting an apple logo shadow when the power button is being pressed, also there is a bar of steel so that the phone can weigh like a real thing.

Not that it will hurt apple’s finacial situation but you would be pretty bummed if you payed good money for one of these.


  • wow…thats nearly funny…
    if you bought one , sorry

  • If you get one of these, just sell it on ebay. Pass the buck.

  • dope scam.

  • “Mmbliz, I heff to geat onto diz plane. I would tek 200 Euros for thees Hai Vone.”


  • Rip-Off Artist

    I totally agree with you, Tom.
    How thick would you have to be?

  • I’d feel bad for anyone who bought one of these, but only for as long as I could hold my laughter.

  • is that the chinese version of the iphone?
    it kind of looks like it but i can’t tell for sure.

    but yeah, if it is that version really sucks and should never be shipped anywhere but china. It’s not compatible with anything outside of china (maybe most parts of asia have stuff but i’m not sure).

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