Sample Logic “borrows” Sean John Logo?

I knew I saw this logo somewhere!

Is Sean John a music library fan?  I guess he is, coz his logo looks all to familiar to this audio sample company’s logo.

Or wait… maybe the sample company is a Sean John “fan”.

Decide for yourself lol

Sean John Hat

Sean John Hat

Sample Logic Logo

Sample Logic Logo

Sean John Hat:

Sample Logic:


  • bah, they’re different enough. and besides, with sample logic, that’s an L on its side, not a J.

  • I see the similarity, but I doubt P Diddy knows the other company.

  • J just fits around S nice. It’d kinda be a natural development from anyone trying to make a logo with an S and a J wouldn’t it?

  • HA HA… Good ONE!

  • spitin image that one.
    i’m bettin seanjohn came first though..

    (L on its side? ummm.. what?)

  • lol epic phail!

  • The nike logo looks a little different. Definite rip off to me though.

  • looks totally different its an with sample logic its an L with swizzles on the sample logic and the S and J are more rounded on the Sean John

  • what a ripoff! Super lame-os

  • Seems a little too close for comfort to me.

  • Didn’t anyone notice that the company is called Sample Logic ( SL ) – and then decide to rip off a logo with the letters SJ … If you were to make a logo with SL you would never end up with that logo, simply because an L turns the opposite way from a J.

  • IGotTheClapin2007

    Actually, I produce Hiphop music and purchased Sample Logic’s A.I.R. product in mid 2006, (Very good product by the way). I also own some Sean John and am fairly certain that I received my SL products way before that design variation of the SJ Sean John logo was out in stores. Not to put the fire out here, but I am pretty sure this one is a coincidence, unless Sean John was a fan of the Sample Logic logo, which I am sure he probably is not even aware exists.

    Thats my 2 cents…

  • Ahhh definitely a coincidence!!! I remember making logos out of our name in high school art class and im pretty sure mine looked pretty much the same!

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