Australia’s Hudson Coffee rips Parra.

I was at the at the hospital this week and saw this new promotional poster for Australia’s Hudson’s coffee house. I just had to take a photo with my phone and get it on here. The poor client would have no idea who Parra is, or how this ‘lovely’ looking new promotional poster style is just a rip of his very unique typographical style.

This is the Hudson poster:

Hudson’s front page of their website:

Here are a couple of Parra’s works:


  • similar style… the ‘original’ didn’t create the style..

  • No. Not a ripoff. Please, it’s not even close.
    I wouldn’t even say the the Hudson design was inspired by the other.
    I am a professional designer and art director, this comparison is laughable.

  • absolutely not. no similarities.

  • Hey Wolf, I see what you are saying, the designer may have been inspired by parra’s sytle but unfortunately you can’t copyright a style. If he had used any of parra’s elements (eg. traced the Y) then i would accept it as a rip but this just a case same style.

  • Fair comments. We are at a studio here, and everyone I showed instantly said what a rip of Parra. So I would say that if typographers and designers recognise the style as someone else’s, there seems to be a problem. Also, when it’s such an original hand drawn style of typography such as his, I tended to think that it was a little too close.

  • If that’s a rip of Parra, then what do you think about SoMe/Ed Banger records? Far more in common there, from colours to typographic style to composition. This is one of the worst posts I’ve seen on this site!

  • I agree, I really tried to see the “rip off” but I don’t think it is. I don’t think Parra has the rights to this style, or maybe Parra wants to sue The Beatles for their rip off of his style in “Yellow Submarine”.

  • I’m not talking about any other graphics that the ones mentioned, obviously, that would be an entire kettle of fish. I think the general tolerance levels for this kind of stuff are a little skewed to be honest. The Oxford dictionary defines a Rip-Off as: an inferior imitation of something. Which this clearly is… echo, echo, echo.

  • come on, if this was a rip, we wouldn’t be allowed to do anything!

  • Meaning that the entire 60s and 70s was a rip of Hudson? This style saw Woodstock, The Beatles, Hendrix and a whole generation through. And much earlier than that we’re talking Art Nouveau, American Mid-West and PT Barnum.

    Don’t they do art history classes in college anymore?
    Admittedly it’s not an attractive application of the style, but then neither is Hudsons.

    =p Marc

  • YTTWN, maybe you can have a faq where you describe the difference between a rip and inspiration, and somehow force posters to read it before they post an item. Like answer a quick quiz that puts two images side by side that say “rip or inspiration?” and if they can’t figure these things out they don’t pollute the site

    i dunno

    people are so gay

  • I don’t see this as a rip at all – not even close.

  • W . T . F ?

  • Kind of similar, but before I scrolled down I had several other designers in mind of who they may of ripped, when I saw Para’s work… I was disappointed as it was not nearly as close as expected.

    Verdict: I think not

  • the Hudson looks like it whould sit well along side the artwork for

    but maybe that’s just me, there website doesn’t have much of their ‘style’ on it so i can’t really show show what i mean but i’m sure other UK readers know what i mean

  • I’m sorry to say it, but neither of them are original, and both could easily coexist in this big world.

    If you “Found” a look on a piece of vintage art or design somewhere and someone else cops it, you make a complete ass of yourself saying they bit you. Make a note.

  • you are so dumb.

  • Speaking as a typographer, I’d have to say – weak.

  • If I had seen the examples elsewhere, I never would have made a connection that one had copied the other. Even sitting in here side by side, I fail to come up with the conclusion that one copied the other. Similar maybe, but so were a lot of 60′s and 70′s. Reminds me of my old Snoopy “Feelin’ Groovy” poster.

    : )

  • Parra is a newschool ripoff himself.

    Just because he got a bunch of fame as of late means nothing, he did not invent brush painted fonts like that. He mimics older styles from better artists, and then waters them down into his own blend.

  • so if you disagree with a poster here is it ok to hurl insults and derogatory statements? People have a problem with others not distinguishing between “rip and inspiration” but apparently cannot distinguish between discourse and discourtesy…I thought I had found an intelligent site…

  • Wolf, your argument that this is a rip because of similar lettering is really thin.

    So, anyone who uses thick cursive bubbly writing is now ripping Parra’s work? I would be interested in hearing the detail of your argument.


  • Herer’s come a new debate:


  • i love parra’s work, but if you claim that this is a rip-off of parra, then you’d have to say that parra ripped-off his style from countless designers before. hand-drawn type is NOT original, and artists and designers will continue to do it with their own style long after parra et. al. are dead. now if they had drawn duck-billed people, then that would be a rip-off. i actually heard that parra has a beef with so me. but to be honest, i don’t think their work looks that similar. go to a museum and you will find sitting side-by-side, hundreds of paintings that look very similar to each other. can you tell a picasso from a braque or gris?

  • I think Todd James was doing this style before Parra.. oh wait, and about 100 other people before him.. oh well.

  • I can’t see the rip-off.
    It’s ok to copy ideas.

  • seen this style millions of times. not a copy. not very original. still easy on the eyes.

  • same style can be found on teenage bad girl album art

  • wtf are you guys BLIND?
    The hudson ad has copied the EXACT drawings of parra, i mean, look at it! I’m not talking about ripping a style, but the hudson ad just copied the drawings 1 on 1, just look at the little details in the word ‘coffee break’.

  • gaz, that is a todd james work on the teenage bad girl cover. It was on show at the MC gallery not long ago

  • This makes me sad… both have derived from an earlier style of typography, both are shite, but neither are copies.

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