Fallout3 Copies MadMax 2

YTWWN: I don’t know anything about fallout but this seams like it might be more of a homage or just a bit of inspiration judging by the comments this post has received.

It is pretty blatant that fallout3 is copying mad max. This has him walking around with a dog just like Mad Max too.

Obviously fallout3 came last, Mad Max first. Doesn’t anyone have artistic integrity anymore!


  • this is an homage not a rip, the fallout developers even included a mad max character in the game.

  • Also in Fallout you can pretty much create whatever character you want and the dog, Dogmeat, is from previous Fallout games.

  • Oh man, wasn’t sure but obvious troll, is obvious

  • In Fallout 1 and 2, there is an identical leather jacket from Road Warrior the protagonist can wear as armor. Any reference to Mad Max is deliberate.

    Like the guy said, it’s a homage — read interviews of the game developers and see for yourself. You have no case here.

  • Ripoff Artist

    The first two Fallouts pays homage to many, many pop culture icons, they’re quite obvious throughout the games. It would be presumed that the third installment follows a similar direction. I think the Wikipedia page for Fallout mentions the homages.

  • Homage or not, there is precious little originality in video games. I work in the industry and if an original idea manages to squeeze out of an artist or producer or writer, you can bet that it will get pulled apart and killed in the committee process.

    The most original games are Japanese, and not many of them are any good either.

  • This goes back even farther, to ‘A boy and his dog’, 1975 post-apocalyptic film starring…..Don Johnson. Could argue Mad Max ripped off some of the imagery…

  • Leopold Stotch

    And don’t forget ‘The Tracker’ from Raising Arizona.

    Obvious homage. Plus the list of Mad Max references out there is endless.

  • Who the eff is posting this crap?

  • What a stupid-ass site!!!!

    why do you let people post junk like this?

    It is an HOMAGE not a RIP OFF.
    the developers even talk about how mad max inspired them.


  • I see your Tracker and raise you… all of the above is a rip-off/homage to I Am Legend, a novel from 1954. And I’m sure even that was not the first instance of “guy walking around post-apocalypse with a gun and a dog”.

  • Homage – totally and completely. my partner has played all of these games and the references are CLEARLY homage.

  • I thin you’ve missed the entire point of the series. There supposed to be an amalgamation of old 50s sci-fi/art, A boy and his dog, mad max and whatever else they feel fits. Its retro and thats the whole point, they even reference the companies old games i.e. wasteland.

    Do your research next time

  • Yeah, we’re totally in homage territory here. Dogmeat makes an appearance in all of the Fallout RPG games, as does distinctly Mad Max-esqe costuming and themes. What we’re observing here are the staple aesthetics of an entire genre.

  • Most of the posts I’ve seen on this blog are dead on, but I disagree with this one. Mad Max doesn’t have a patent on post-nuclear apocalypse.

    Also, the only similarities those pictures have are the presence of a dog and a single male figure walking. There’s no road, no shotgun, and very little leather (the outfit is a cloth vault jumpsuit).

  • I always thought these images were more of a rip off of Harlan Ellison’s ” A Boy and His Dog” … in fact, I’ll go one further and say that Mad Max was kind of a Hollywood rip off “A boy and his dog” -just because it’s an old, classic flick, doesn’t mean it’s totally innocent and original.

    Either way, i think this is a bad example, as it is quite clearly more of a respectful nod of Homage to Mad Max and other post apocalyptic flicks of the time. In fact, i know the developers of this game, and I know for a fact the “rip off” is quite transparently deliberate.

  • Doesn’t anyone notice the 3 after the name…?

    They’ve had this theme since the first fallout and like C0nt1nu1ty said, it’s supposed to be an amalgamation of 50′s science fiction.

  • ive noticed the similarities between the two. its not the first time this has happened. GTA vice city seemed to be influenced by Scar Face. original? i guess not. entertaining? to me it is. i wouldnt say this is a rip off.

  • Christ. That’s like calling Syndicate Wars a rip-off of Blade Runner.

  • Alright lets get facts straight, many films have used themes from other films or books etc. All that truly matters is, is that the film or game is truly entertaining. it is TOTALLY HOMAGE, CLEARY HOMAGE. Besides like what one of the others on this post said… mad max did not copyright that picture…. shesh.

  • oh yea

  • FalloutJunkie

    Just watched “A Boy and His Dog” and the connection seems more than obvious. The gore, the security robots, the surreal and totalitarian jingoism, the juxtaposition of mid-twentieth century Americana and high tech, the scenery, the clothing. The first thing the main character calls the dog in the first minutes is “dogmeat”, the name of the dog in Fallout 3. Bethesda even held a film festival in Santa Monica in 2008 featuring films that inspired the game; “A Boy and His Dog” was screened the first day. Mad Max wasn’t shown.

  • Obvious homage is obvious.

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