Design by…Goldfrapp?

YTWWN: Coincidence- no way a rip

In the competitive world of t-shirt designs, similarities often crop up. But are some too similar?

Here is artwork for Goldfrapp’s 2003 album Black Cherry:

Another version of this appears on the back of their album with black and white socks…kind of like this design from Design By Humans:

The shirt was designed for a competition for Von Zipper, a sunglass retailer.

Is this flattering inspiration or obvious copy?


  • Inspired maybe, definitely not an obvious copy.

  • and the goldfrapp is an allusion to the wizard of oz.

    the most important question: who in fuck would wear that ugly shirt?

  • Are you kidding? Those are classic pin up legs! Hell, I’ve drawn girls with their legs in that position. Goddamn.

  • Your accusation is a bit of a reach, don’t you think? And I agree with here. That shirt is awful.

  • this site should really have a tighter submission process. when i first found out about it, i was quite impressed with the things that some people had noticed and found. but lately its just stupid things like this and the retarded gears of war website thing.

    these are just legs

    in a very (top 10 most) common position

  • WTF? Get a grip

  • This kind of crap post is literally killing this site.

    If you’re serious about this bite, you’re an idiotic idiot.

  • asdf:

    same here

  • Is it a flattering inspiration or obvious copy?

    IT’S NEITHER, you dolt.

  • this is silly. no copying involved in this one. I mean really just google legs in air there are a ton of similar positions

  • Yeah, this is a ridiculous post. This website will be dead soon if this is the only stuff people post. Have you ever seen “The Wizard of Oz”? Probably not or you wouldn’t have thought this was a any deal.

  • Acid…

    FAIL! This is a common pose in art, photography, etc.

  • seeing the design by humans is a rip off of id say it doesnt really matter at this point.

  • this shit is stupid

    by this, the finger pointing.

    fucking stupid post.

  • Not by a long shot

    Lets be real- Dorthy might want her shoes back for her trip down the yellow brick road but as for similarity between the shirt and the photo No not really

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