• I’d like that model to look better – not so sullen, and forget the dye job. It clashes with his eyebrows (only Legolas can pull that off with long hair) and his dark arm-hair.

  • Not Guilty.

  • no, just no.

  • This is kind of a stretch. They’re similar, at best.

  • Yeah, bit of a stretch.
    That tiger/space graphic meme has been floating around all over the place.
    For example:

  • the point is. Mr.suicide didnt originate this style or this theme. a rip is one thing and doing the same style is another.

    nice try and good day

  • looks more like the electric zombie guy just ripped himself with those two shirts. very similar

  • Again, it seems you’re taking two similar styles putting them next to each other and calling the rip offs. Keep reaching and maybe tomorrow come back with an actual rip off..

  • we thought you wouldnt notice what?

  • Lame. This is a style like Kyle mentioned. You’re going to have parallel designs.

  • If anything the Breathe Carolina shirt is more of a Spacewolf-esque design which is also by Suicide and found at Rockett. I don’t see the big deal with two contemporary designers making designs that are similar. Who cares about pointing it out either?

  • I am the photographer of the Tiger photo. I have not released the image for use on t-shirts. WHO THE FUCK JUST RIPPED MY PHOTO AND THINKS THEY ARE AWESOME BECAUSE THEY SLAPPED SOME PHOTOSHOP FILTERS ON IT?

  • retarded…
    who ever posted this
    fuck you

  • @ photographer


  • ill have you know i can recognize each and every big cat’s face with exactly as much ability as you might with a person’s face. that is without a shadow of a doubt, my picture of a cat

  • This is just a similar style in my opinion. Space themed tees, and animal tees are always being designed, it’s nothing new.
    I think YTWWN could be amazing for people who blatantly rip other people off, and make sure the rips are taken care of. But it’s things like this, (similar styles/ideas) that make me not take this site very seriously.

  • too bad “that Electric Zombie guy’s” stuff look better.


  • Am I the only one that thinks they’re both ugly and obnoxious looking?

    Pretty similar stuff, I’m sure there was no influence there at all……heh.

  • Hope Breathe Carolina and Norma Jean don’t see each other on tour or they might be wondering why their shirts are so similar.

    Also, to be “electric/k” all you need is photoshopped lightning bolts? Who knew

  • kyle does it better..!!!
    no rip,just similarities….

  • the electric zombie shit is horrible anyway, pretty awesome that nowadays you can get away with being a tshirt designer asshole if you know how to change layer opacity.

  • wow. threadflip. whoever posted this thought we wouldn’t notice that they’re a moron.

  • whatever this graphic designed style is so played out, check out volcom’s upcoming collection, both brands are wack!

  • volcom? are you serious?
    ha ha ha.
    go back to pac sun you fag.

  • cant stand electric zombie. everything he makes is hideous

  • Chainsaw YOU ARE THE FAG. I am saying, VOLCOMS latest collection, what I saw at ASR last year, so this coming SPRING, all has this graphic motif, this laser skull animal thing…the hundreds or that other bobo brand didnt invent this style, and its just a played out graphic design style, just like the hundreds, that brand and voclom, and i am at pac sun right now

  • Arent most of the graphics from the Hundreds Rips in general? I wouldnt doubt this was a rip off as well.


  • Why even post that?
    They arent even “close”

  • ugh yo u’re fucktards. that style has been prevelent for a while. and for the record. volcom blah blah blha….. volcom if anythign ripped it off of last year at SIA (jan 2008) where Ride’s board features eletrik suicide’s work and has for over a year

    NOT TO FUCKIN MENTION i wouldn’t be surprised if the new work you’re looking at from volcom is contracted out from Elektrik suicide. because he does good work and many companies in action sport industry would be smart to hire him for individual work because he is perfect for the current style trend.

    it’d be one thing if ALLL of eletrik suicide’s stuff didn’t look like that, but it does and it has for some time. it’s his style. many artists have similar styles especially in this day in age.

    i’m a total supporter of this site. but right now i think this was just an excuse to post.

    make sure in the future to not call peopel bataintly ripping things off when it’s actually just a style trend.

    and the trend is the 80′s are back. that is such a throwback style it’s ridiculous

  • ps. the anonymous post. is me and I am NOT eletrik suicide.

  • Looks like an early 80s revival of some weak post-NWOBHM rock ballad crap. The pointy Def Leppard letters with the airbrush chrome effect. The big cat imagery. The lighting bolts. The perspective grid. Look up “80s heavy metal album artwork” in google image search.

    Putting them all into one piece is something though. Look up “Pantera” to see their funny attempt, back in their hair metal days.

  • lol that 2nd dude is a megafag

    the hundreds tee is actually REALLY old, merely at the start of the revival of this spacetee beast shit

  • The Breathe Carolina 2008 is a direct rip off of the Something tee by Likeminded Studio

    here is the LMS version:


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