Commissary gets clipped

YTWWN: This may just be a coincidence but it does look the same…

Commissary clothing shops main logo was ripped by “clothing brand” crooks and castles.They dont own the letter C nor do they own the rights to crossbones,but this is a complete bite. What a shame,C&C has much more Gucci and Supreme ideas they havent used yet.


  • naaaa … Commissary uses recognisable femur the other is some weird thing that looks like a double ended one.. 2 distal femur.. but I do think that something is a miss in that logo.. look at the detail of the snake?? head vs the bones… nup there has been some ctrl-c ctrl-v goign on there… but not from the Commissary one.. and there is all sorts of round things made into jolly rodgers ….

  • They look different enough, no fear for copyright claims, but I do think it has been designed to look just like Commissary….

  • Looks mighty bite-y

  • ive seen that commissary one for a while.def a rip.

  • jeesushchrist

    comm def had this one months out before C&C did… the cold war continues

  • its sad that this brand is just now getting put here out for copying,its all they do is copy the better brand.

  • bunch of filipino whiteboys trying to be black. the only thing these “crooks” have stolen are everybody’s concepts and ideas. but hey, ain’t no such things as halfway crooks, might as well copy ALL clothing companies instead of just some

  • Are you people that ignorant?

    Definition of a crook – a dishonest person, esp. a sharper, swindler, or thief.

    Hence the name Crooks and Castles.

    All of you have just been swindeled.

    Stop hating and read the history of the brand.


  • doesnt matter

    robin hood, are you serious? so you think it’s acceptable for a brand to be BASED on stealing every other brand’s imaging? that’s ignorance in itself, either that or you were in the room with these clownshoes when they decided to start a whole company based on doing NOTHING themselves.

  • Must be a fucking hilarious business plan.

  • robin hood- the history of the brand is a joke as well.
    Are you upset because your brand crooks and castles isnt available in that shoppe so you decided to just rip it off and every other brand they do indeed sell? thats bollocks!
    i have seen your ‘brand’ & its very minor league.
    How could you copy the main logo of a shoppe and just pretend its ok.
    You sir,are certianly ignorant.

  • Blah blah blah.

    Don’t get your “designer” panties in a bunch.

    Positive the negative within.


  • If anything both are pretty bad and to be honest the Commissary logo owes more to Crass and I think perhaps Gee Vaucher (could be wrong on that one)?

  • I LOVE C&C! Regardless of what designs they have used, they’re still making bank! So just get over it because “you can’t stop the crooks!”

  • Well if yall goin off the concept of stealing designs, take a look at A Bathing Ape, look where that guy’s at.

  • Crooks stole every single fucking thing they ever put on a shirt, and they openly admit it, they love it!

    The ripped of Versace, Gucci, Chanel, Fendi, Polo, and on and on and on….. but, BUT…


    Both are crap logos. I don’t even know why I bothered writing this, arg!

  • Crooks & Castles= riding on everyones dick!



  • I guess that’s what happened to Landscape!!! C&C got caught biting on that business plan too.

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