Mc Cain campain

The client wanted a mix of photographic and animation feel, taking as reference their previous retro musical campains, and Walt Disney’s Fantasia. What was my suprise when, after having heard that my concept of this conductor and this colors was rejected by the agency when I was in a company pitching for the project, I saw the following commercial. My concept, previously discarded by the agency.

This happen a lot of times in agencies, maybe.  But an honest gesture on behalf of Motion Theory, the company that made the ad, would be nice, as well as the agency representing Mc Cain.

First, my pitch…

And… The result:


  • Gosh, it certainly looks like they made your commercial. The heels! I love the concept too. There’s something biblically atrocious to it that hasn’t made it into the final thing.

  • I’m just wondering how defined the briefing was. If they wanted something with Fantasia + potato farm, it’s not that strange that someone else came with the same idea.
    Though I got to admit they both have the same atmosphere, which makes it very likely that that ad agency saw the first concept art.



  • er.. actually FPSA, I’m pretty sure exactly what they HAVE done is steal his idea. Good luck sorting this out jjpous.

  • is this concept just basically a rip off of the HP commercial with the conductor?…i mean if you are going to get pissed that they stole your concept and all…..

  • If you’re reporting directly to an agency. Then it would usually mean the agency came up with the concept, visual reference and probably a storyboard. With this framework in place along with the fantasia reference, it’s highly likely that another production company could have come up a similar treatment to yours, without it being a deliberate rip.

  • oh so they ripped you off and your bringing it up on a blog on the far side of the interent

    won’t it be better to first take it up with them and let up know what the outcome is?

  • Most concept work I have experience with comes with a strict “work for hire” contract. What kind of contract did you have with this agency?

  • Don’t worry man, this happnens to th ebest of us! I went to a seminar recently where Danny Yount was producing, and he said sadly that it happens to him quite a bit! He even showed us a classic example, that mde him very sad. He’s assuming what happened was that the producers wanted to cut costs, so got an intern to replicate what he had done, very quickly. Their replica was terrible, but very much the exact same one otherwise!.
    What a sad, sad, deceitful, ugly world.

  • You are owed money. If you have time and money to fight for it, you should. Others have done it in that industry and they have won. Your case is easy. If they didn’t pay you they will have have no incentive in the future to pay for an idea they use to make money from. Unless, you like walking around and inspiring others. A muse of sorts.

    I am serious! Take it to a lawyer, they may even do it for free unless you win.

    Talk to them! Do it!


  • What happened with this? I see this ad a lot on tv and I always tell the people I’m with your story :P

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