Paint the stars (uk)/Dirty shirty – “I love my mum/mom” tshirt rip

paint the stars
Paint The Stars (UK)

dirty shirty
Dirty Shirty

I know its a take on a popular graphic anyway, but the style, concept, even colors are EXACTLY the same.  Saw this on the pts site many months ago (dunno if they even sell it anymore-it might be ‘last season’), but only very recently on dirty shirty.  Granted, i’m not on the ds site that often, but still..  the guys/girls at PTS  seem a lot more creative in general, so.  The rippers didnt even slightly TRY to hide their rippage.


  • Yeah. They looks similar in design, but they will argue that it is a popular graphic. :(

    What can you do…

  • Eiter way that is one ugly shirt.

  • *Either



  • Milton Glaser gets no respect

  • whether you personally think it is ugly or not (which style, obviously, is completely subjective) it’s still a rip.

    nobody gives a shit whether or not you think it’s ugly. these people completely ripped the design. THAT’S what matters.

  • Hang on, the only proof of rip here is the poster saying they saw it on one site before the other, and that “…the guys/girls at PTS seem a lot more creative in general”.
    WTF. Way to back up a case.

    And yes, it is damn ugly.

  • Someone has her panties in a wad….

  • some super ugly shit on both parts panties in a wad smell better then panties in a bunch i believe so………..

  • This is funn! You should do a Livid Thorn feature. I fully love their new stuff!

  • Sorry, I wanted to add to my last comment.. the design isn’t very nice either way though you are completely correct. Kay.

  • this exact thing was drawn on billy corgan’s guitar back in the mid-nineties.

    for shame.

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