• Considering that both the logos look like bad clip art, I say this isn’t deserving of a post.

  • i’m sure the poster is trying to be funny.

  • Hmm… I googled for drum clipart and found many drums decorated with triangles just like these….. but all had TWO drumsticks! These logos both have THREE drumsticks! That seems pretty rare.
    The styles are really different, so I’m not sure this is a rip, but I thought that was remarkable.

  • @Maaike

    holy shit, its like you cracked the da vinci code.

  • I’ll assume this was an april fool’s joke that just wasn’t very funny.

  • @Frank
    Looks like a dingbat or some such thing to me.

  • The ‘original’ is actually JJJ’s newer logo, their previous one is exactly the same as the rip.

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