KISER x PROLETARIAT (Coincidence) No-Rip

YTWWN SAYS: I have been convinced by the good people of Kiser that this is merely a coincidence. does not want to give any unnecessary bad publicity.


A few years ago I attended school in Boston and discovered a street wear store called PROLETARIAT in Harvard Square. The store sold and still sells limited edition t-shirts designed (limited by color runs) by the owner of the shop. While in Boston I purchased a shirt from PROLETARIAT that spoofs on the YSL brand, I thought it was the most clever shirt I had ever seen! Fast forward to 2009. I am checking out the Karmaloop web-site (another Boston retailer) and they started carrying a NEW brand called KISER that seems to have taken its inspiration from the PROLETARIAT designed shirt. Here is a link to the PROLETARIAT YSL & here is a link to the KISER YSL . This is especially upsetting as I have found out from talking to the owner that PROLETARIAT is a one man gig. The owner works the store, designs all the shirts, gets them printed locally and does everything 100% on his own. It is sad to see another company bite on the little guy and on what someone elses hard work created.

PROLETARIAT circa 2005/06? (Shirt still in print)


KISER circa 2009



  • I’m from Boston and I am also a big fan of Proletariat. I remember reading on a streetwear website years ago that the same shit happened with a brand called Akomplice. Proletariat put out a shirt with the Statue of Liberty holding a handgun (my favorite shirt ever!) and this company called Akomplice ripped it off and pretty much built their entire brand upon it. Don’t worry Prole, you’ll get your day.

  • Yeah! I remember seeing that shit up on some magazines. Sucks dude is always gettin bit!

  • Figures, proletariat gets ripped off always. I heard about this, and am happy to finally see the ripoff and say, “i like the original better.”

  • Yo, fuck this. People rip off proletariat all the time. This one is just so blantly obvious Kiser should be embarrassed!, proletariat rules!!!

  • both are aren’t original anyway

  • Lame. Proletariat makes great shirts.

  • I love Proletariat’s line! Every season they got some nice shirts and jackets!

  • I’m not even from Boston and I rock the Proletariat line…peeps need to get their own identity (or own creativity) and stop thinking they can bite the Proletariat style and get away with it! Props to being bad ass enough that people are trying to bite in the first place :)

  • hahahah wow they are both ripping off Yves Saint Laurent

  • Its funny that everyone misses the point that this is a ripp off of YSL, Why isnt anyone tripping on that. Do they not deserve to not get ripped. YSl should go after PROLETARIAT, they are the original theif after all.

  • It is a parody of a YSL shirt. Parody is considered “Fair Use” under the U.S. Copyright law. The point of the Proletariat shirt was to turn the YSL shirt into different forms on money (Yen, US Dollar, Euro) as YSL produces some extremely expensive t-shirts. It was social commentary, the second shirt was a rip on someone another persons ideas.

  • BLAH BLAH BLAH the only way to fix this situation is to fight!!!!! greko roman style in a one piece ….

  • VS. that fuckin stem of a kid by the way

  • Joe a rip is a rip. So your saying that your cool with people doing parodies on your work, as long as its a “parody” To me its never cool to use anyone elses work. A rip is a rip.

  • karma loop is a douche. ysl is dead. He doesn’t care anymore.

  • it doesn’t take a genius to figure out that this article and probably 90% of the comments below it were written by the owner of Proletariat – just a gimmick to try and hype his own store/brand. shameless self promotion.

    pretty lame.

  • I don’t have any work. I am not a designer. I just studied copyright law in college. Yes, I am fine with parodies, look at artists like Shepard Fairy, I am a fan of his but the vast majority of his works are taken directly from political propaganda posters from dictators around the world. All he does is put his own spin on their work, tons of artists do this, especially clothing designers. No disrespect but look around a bit and just because you don’t agree with it, it doesn’t mean that it is not legal.


  • xcaptainxbloodx

    the original is a parody on YSL so its fair, the second is the same idea but done with various changes that make it clearly a different shirt that uses the same idea.

    you cant patent an idea.

  • I love Proletariat, its one hell of a store, and honestly he is getting bitten a lot, and its BS.

    and Karma Loop sucks.

  • Is anyone getting the ironic hilarity of exploiting the proletariat?

    Kiser need to expand their budget for modelling as well.

    -RipOff Artist

  • You guys are hilarious if you honestly think anyone outside of your shitty little part of boston give two fucks about Proletariat.

  • Who the fuck is Proletariat?!
    I’m a huge Kiser fan and they are not “NEW” at all. Just because Karmaloop uses the word “NEW” on their site does not mean thats the case. I bought this shirt from KISER more than 4 years ago. KISER does nothing but original ideas and is much better known than some bullshit store in Boston that no one has ever heard of!

  • Werd up.. They think a legit brooklyn designer is gonna bite some cheesy little boston skate shop?!?? BAAAAAHAHAHAHAAAA. Go yanks.

  • Looks like it happened again…guess the industry watches Proletariat even if the trustafarians in the BK don’t…..

  • anone told Yves Saint Laurant? ;)

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