Muestra Photografica Rip-Off in Chattanooga (no rip)

YTWWN SAYS: same  ISTOCK- thanks to our commentators

this be the rip off?

this be the rip off?

The original version of this post was found on flickr (randomly I assume) and is a poster for a Vans event. The rip-off came off the streets of Chattanooga TN for a local event. Similar? Totally? Rip-off? Most designers in town think so!


  • Link to the full image not cut off by nav here.

  • Completely unacceptable. As a designer in Chattanooga, I’m embarrassed that this is hanging up all over the town I work in.

  • hahahahhaha it’s a free vector, you can download a similar for free. this is not a rip-off.

  • Where is this free vector? The original image (and COMPOSITION) was found on another designer’s flickr stream. I’d bet he wouldn’t be happy someone rippsed off the composition he created.

  • hack

  • lame. both the design and the rip-off claim. that approach has been done a hundred times before.

  • It’s the exact same vector, just flipped horizontally.

  • this is what happens when designers use istock.

    Stock, royalty free vectors.

  • some images were copied or reversed and some were removed and new ones added, and the saturation on the colors raised. Next time just use some free vectors

  • This isn’t a problem of stock art. This is a problem of a lazy designer who thinks this is an ethical method of “designing”.

    Be original people!

  • To indulge my curiosity I have searched all stock vector sites that i know. This is not in any of them. It is simply a rip-off that has been slightly tweaked. But not tweaked enough to make a substantial difference. If you can prove to me that this is stock, then please do so. I’d love to see it.

  • The biggest issue in my opinion is that this is a commercial project for a client. True, it’s for a fundraising event and was probably pro bono work, but I’m certain the client wouldn’t appreciate knowing that a major part of their poster design was lifted from an artist without their permission. Even if it is stock, the design is simplistic enough that the designer could have used the original design as inspiration and just created their own version of it. Lazy design = bad design and hurts our industry.

    Interestingly, three people outside of the design industry have forwarded this to me – so it’s impact is reaching farther than just “people on the inside”. I’m not surprised though, looking at the sponsors on the poster, I really wouldn’t expect much more from the company that blessed Chattanooga with the Karl Rove Folder fiasco a few years ago. Their new name change seems well timed.

  • Ya, it’s iStock

    Nice job crucifying someone. Do a little research next time.

  • Mark, was it legally purchased stock at the time the poster was produced?
    Nope. Try again.

    Just because it’s stock doesn’t mean you can use it at will. You have to pay to play.
    Stealing, plagiarism and copyright infringement are the same thing.

    Rooney, in a previous post you said. “hahahahhaha it’s a free vector, you can download a similar for free. this is not a rip-off”. From your own link I see that it isn’t a free vector. It took five days for you to link to the iStockphoto version of it, when I know that the designer was well aware of this post on the first day. If they had indeed legally purchased the stock image they would/should/could have posted the same iStockphoto link the first day. They did not.

    We all know what’s going on here – and I assume some of the other people posting in this thread are well aware of this particular designer’s history. Old habits are hard to break. It reflects poorly on the designer’s current employer and the University from which they graduated – both know that this designer has plagiarized in the past. I wonder if the designer would still be stealing if the University had taken more drastic action when the activity was brought to their attention… or if they would even be employed as a designer at all.

  • Curious you’ve made a big assumption. Maybe they just didn’t care enough about all the slander. I agree with Mark. Way to crucify someone without the details.

    With so many people use stock images these days I’ve found it interesting to see how different designers use the same image.

    Well done to both the “rip offs”

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