Oren Lavie gets his whole concept stolen.

When I first saw this music video from Oren Lavie it though it was absolutley  gorgeous. !
A real pice of art, and a really cute song. Oren Lavie on youtube

And to my big surprise I saw this advertising video on norwegian television a few weeks later, from a company called Hansen & Dysvik, which sells pillows and similar stuff.  “Hansen&Dysvik” Lavie ripoff

I was amazed, it’s the exact same concept AND a very similar song.
The people behind the video has not yet responded to my e-mails, that being the advertising company Los & Co, Toxic and a guy called Espen Nersveen.

This can’t be legal, can it?

The original:

The original:

The “fake” one:


  • scum

  • Meanwhile at Los&Go: “Soooo, what we want to do is a commercial exactly like this clip, with the girl in the bed and the wooden floor and the stop motion, but we’ll take out the animated dream that is the best part of this clip because we’re more interested in selling beds.”

  • Yeah, the actual “concept” of the original (and thus the entire idea that made it interesting) was completely ignored. They just stole the stop-motion shooting style and angle.

    I guess they figured it was OK because of that.

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  • Sometimes you’re surprised when something gets copied, but speaking for myself I’m surprised it wasn’t copied sooner. I still remember geeking out the first time I saw that video thinking about how amazing it was.

  • thoughtprovoker

    damn…that video is good…when she dives into the water…damn thats so well done.

  • Just got a reply from Los & Co, saying that is was their idea and that they didn’t think this is a ripoff. Further on, they seemed kinda sorry for the criticism and said they would think about it next time.

    Espen Nersveen has deleted all the negative and “is-this-a-ripoff” comments on his blogpost, haha.

  • Ouch. Someone’s lacking in ideas over there. I frankly like the idea of this as a commercial for beds. But they didn’t need to use the stop motion technique. It seems tacked on for such a short run time as a commercial and looses the effect greatly. If they hadn’t used time lapse you could even say they where inspired by the idea of woman in bed, top view, time passing. It’s a concept that’s been used a number of times but it’s the use of the same technique that seems to clinch that it’s a rip.

    As a side note, the photog (Espen) might not have known anything about the origins of the concept. They and the set crew could have received story boards and worked with the set designer and told to shoot these specific shots for the purpose of a stop motion application. They could have been given a bunch of buzzwords to work from. I am willing to bet that the agency on the other hand knew exactly what it was they where doing.

  • way to ignore that the oren lavie thing is a rip off too…


    starts at around 3:30

  • well, I’m pretty sure this photographer knew about it, as it’s not the first time he has ripped some one off. He have copied alot of other photographers.

  • @dthree: that one seems a lot more original to me than a rip off. I mean, stop motion video isn’t exactly a new concept. i agree the one mentioned in the post is a rip off of Oren Lavie, but this video has a much different concept and is actually…pretty awesome.

  • If you don’t let ad scum steal there will be no advertising. They are 99 percent ego driven thieves.

    Favorite was some adscums coming in with this “new idea” of using film leader scratch for graphics in their spot.

    Yeah, the film “Seven” had been released the previous Friday.

    Yet they claimed not to have seen it.

    Beat them all with sticks.

  • Blaaa, blaa, blaaa………

  • Well, take a look at this film from 2002 that obviously was the source of Oren Lavie’s: (start about 3 or 4 minutes in)


    Is THAT legal?

  • Coldplay’s new video rips off this idea too. I’ve seen it somewhere else, where its a man walking on cushions (shot from above) the background is a wooden floor. Anyone know what it is?

  • It’s a popular idea to pinch. I saw an ad on tv recently for Target Australia that used the stop motion technique and added a lot to it.

  • WAIT!
    This video seems older than Oren Lavie’s one.

  • Someone else who stole the same video from south africa, band called goldfish: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=83zC575opm0

  • Taken from the film: The Sweet Hereafter

  • Now there’s a bing.com ad that rips off this idea. Huh…. I guess this is just… really really popular.

  • Here’s a music video that my girlfriend and I made that is based on a similar premise (stop animation using still photographs)

    However, it doesn’t use a bed, and instead focuses on band-aids!


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