Nick Bonovas Art Thief

King Leonidas of Sparta. 2007

by DiAnne L. Cooper

Bronze sculpture, 20” x  8”

Original sculpture and photos are copyright 2007, 2008, and 2009

I was commissioned to create a sculpture for The Leonidas Expeditions to fund an archeological expedition to Greece 2010. The purpose of the expedition is to find the site of the battlefield of Thermopylae. This sculpture is on permanent display at the Hellenic  Museum, Chicago, Illinois.

The Archeological Institute of America honored the sculpture by purchasing a copy for the Gala to honor Harrison Ford.  Here it is on their website:

The link to Nick Bonovas’s site was sent to me by one of the members of the expedition. The copy has been flopped over. He uses it as his banner on and as a tattoo design.


Copy by Nick Bonovas

Copy by Nick Bonovas


  • Maria Macaronathas

    I can’t see what all the fuss is about.One’s a statue and the other is a painting. You should be flattered that he chose your work to paint. Why don’t you give the guy a bit of a break. He’s probably just a struggling artist trying to paint what will appeal to the consumer.

    The arts are not as flourishing here in Australia as they are O/S. We all try our best. Sure, he should have asked for permission from you first, but where’s the harm? Have you really lost anything??? Take a chill pill.

    I guess you’ll do anything to advertise yourself…that’s probably what this is really all about. Why else would you attack a poor, unknown artist in such a harsh manner.Kudos to you then. I hope you feel much better about yourself after your slandering.

    I was quite familiar with your work and admired your talent but since reading your comments, especially your title, I look at you and your art in a different light. Where’s your compassion as a fellow artist, who not always had a name for herself??
    Shame on you!

  • come on Maria, this blog is about highlighting rips, and she’s highlighted a rip. Fair dos, don’t be a dick.

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