seems to rip off everybody.

This is a t-shirt sold by


This is original art by Banksy:


This is a t-shirt sold by

Picture 2

This is the original “Finding Technicolor” shirt on by David Creighton-Pester:

Picture 3

This is a t-shirt sold by

Picture 4

This is the original design by Ironic Sans:

Picture 6

This is a t-shirt sold by


  • Ah, vastees. Once again, so much fail from them.

  • I contacted about this after it was brought to my attention that they are selling a knockoff of my Skywalker “HOPE” image.

    I heard back from “Ryan” who was surprisingly civil, and pointed out that concerns have already been raised, and so all purchases have been disabled from their site while they undergo a restructure. He said that they will be removing that shirt from their website when they relaunch.

    I’m monitoring the situation.

    He also said that he is friends with David Creighton-Pester, who has authorized him to sell the Finding Technicolor shirt.

  • Something tells me the dudes running this site are immature teenagers.

    I mean…just look at this typo-riffic shirt


  • What? He said he was friends with me? I would’ve never authorised it for thos hideous colours they’ve put it on! Plus I would’ve needed Woot’s permission anyway.

    Rip off artists AND liars. Thumbs up idiots.

  • funny..i just checked it out and you could still add the new hope style to the cart. i’m sure they don’t have the license for start trek or terminator either..

  • wrong.just wrong

  • and the new hope tee is still up and available for sale on their site

  • even if they pull it from their site they are still liable for royalties, copyright & damages to the original artist, they should be paying all artists for this at whatever the artist sets as a price los$$$$$$$$$$$ers

  • David: A bit off of topic but just wanted to say I LOVE the finding technicolor design you made. :)

  • Uhm… isn’t the New Hope design itself a rip off? …of a rip off, if you consider the controversy over the source image for the original Obama poster.

    I don’t think you can claim someone stole your stolen work…

  • it would have been stolen if it was an actual copy of the obama poster. it takes the style and applies it to luke skywalker… “a new hope” is one of the movies. that would count as parody i think

  • I agree with iynque

    how can you get mad at stolen work if your stealing work also I dont think they ever claimed it was theres they were just selling cool designs, further more I dont think Bansky falls under the same “copyright laws” considering his graffiti isnt legal to start with.

    just a thought

  • what about that awesome “DOPE” obama shirt, lol!

  • banksy rules !!

  • big cheese !!!!!!! epic x :)

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