Counter-Balance Rips-Off No Rival Design

No Rival is an urban based apparel company from the San Francisco Bay Area.  Counter-Balance, a brand also based out of the San Francisco Bay Area, blatantly ripped-off a design concept originally executed by No Rival in May 2008.
The true artistic credit goes to Ricardo Bellver who created this wonderful sculpture in 1877.  The statue resides in Madrid, Spain in one of the cities largest parks.
Take a look at the following images and you tell me Counter-Balance isn’t trying to bite the NR style…

No Rival T-Shirt

Original NO RIVAL T-Shirt Design from Line Sheet  |  May 2008

No Rival T-Shirt

Original NO RIVAL T-Shirt Design from Season 1 Photo Shoot

Counter-Balance t-shirt design rip-off using the image of Lucifer

Counter-Balance T-Shirt Design Rip-Off Using the Image of Lucifer



YTWWN SAYS: not sure about this, haven’t you both just ripped the same photo of a statue?


  • I can’t be the only one thinking this is a wee bit hypocritical to be complaining about for a clothing label that just popped up to follow the dime a dozen urban streetwear/graff trend that seems to have become so popular the last couple of years, right?

    And I’m sure you’re not just ripping off that wu-tang clan song playing on your site and actually are paying licensing fees/royalties (never mind all the local talent that can use a helping hand in the hiphop scene right in your own backyard and own coast for that matter).

    Lazy fucking design.

  • Two companys sticking other people’s art on their t-shirts…art which is now public domain.

    Sorry, poor choices don’t always meant rip.

  • sorry but that image is in the public domain sooooo it can’t be ripped!

  • I checked out Counter-Balance’s site and I didn’t even see the shirt listed. Maybe it’s already been removed. The majority of the shirts were “meh” though. Looked like they did quicky designs and threw them on shirts. Actually, it was like that for both sites. The prices were more resonalble on CB’s site. More companies should follow that trend. Then they might sell more of their shirts.

    But I agree with everyone else, if it’s public domain, then it’s fair game.

  • They put a photo of the same statue on their shirts, but they did not use the same photo.
    Both photo’s are shot from a similar viewpoint but just look at the position of the hand at the left and the snake head going towards it, they’re further apart on the Rival shirt. Of course the shadowing is very different as well.

  • How many times are you going to link your own site in your own post? Jesus fucking Christ.

    And what’s up with that wrist band?

  • Looked at NoRival site and CB site… not real familiar with either company, but my impression was NoRival is a passion project (it really gave me this feel in the content) priced to support a more “exlcusive” brand (higher margins, lower turnover). CB is looking for high exposure/quick profits (high turnover, small margins, more shirt offerings). I am sorry but the CB shirts/site looks pretty cheesy.

    In all fairness I agree it would be nice for NoRival to support local hip hop artists and that was a great call by “anon”.

    Regardless, you have two entrepreneurs looking to grow the hip hop community so who are we to talk badly about them. More competition equals better products, more offerings, and better business (ideally)… Support small business of any type.

  • Both tees suck. The statue is dope. Cutting out the statue from a photo and printing it on a shirt is lame. Than complaining when someone steals your lame idea is lame. CB and NR, kill yourselves

  • i think that statue is just clipart. something from this book perhaps?

    so i dont think its really a rip, just being lazy as stated previously.

  • Haha Those shirts are completely different Designs. The CB one is referencing the Jay-Z Lucifer song off of the black Album and the NR one is biting the old Crooks and Castles design of Mary holding jesus.

  • Who tha hell is NR?!

    I’ve never even heard of NR.. Are they in any stores? I’ve seen CB in music videos, stores, boutiques, and on hella peoples back all over tha Bay. I’m sure CB isn’t out looking at no-name clothing websites to steal ideas. I agree with everyone else it’s a public statue! I’m sure CB doesn’t even know who NR is.
    I checked out NR’s site and I’ve already Been to CB’s site a few times to buy shirts, and honestly I think NR is wack!! Both are new companies and for NR to hate makes themseves look bad. Counter Balance teams up with bay area hip hop artists and colab on shirts, that’s how I first heard of them & now I’m seeing them in stores. I don’t own the shirt but I thinks it’s good, esp with tha jay z line!
    Once again, public statue..

  • How you gonna post that on this site!!??
    There 2 different designs!! Lol!!
    Quit hattin.

  • is it just me, or does the “who tha hell is NR?!” post look like it came from someone at CB? he says “I’m sure CB doesn’t even know who NR is” but then goes on to say “Both are new companies and for NR to hate makes themseves look bad.” if you wanna call someone out, do it like a man.

    and get your facts straight too. NR makes shirts for dance crews (supreme soul, aov and machine gun funk) in the bay similar to how you do with hip-hop artists claimed on your site.

    i think both your brands sound like copies of other ones. yours = new balance and NR = no fear.

  • who tha hell is NR?!

    sucka_please.. sorry bro, dont work for CB or know anyone that does, just a huge fan of hip-hop & bayarea clothing companies. i saw this hate on CB & had to respond, esp after seeing NR’s horrible line! all my friends at school rock CB, Im lovin tha new line!!

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