Stolen art…not the first time

First time poster, but this isn’t the first time my work has been ripped off.

My name is Krysztof Nemeth and I am pin-up illustrator based in Lawrence, KS (you can see my site at For over ten years, I was making a name for myself in Seattle, WA, doing custom pin-up art for organizations and individuals all around the world.  I was even introduced to this site by a friend who suggested I put whatever my latest rip-off was for that month.  I’ve had many, and since I just saw another YESTERDAY, I figured I better get on this.

So, this is MY drawing:


And here is a crappy Flash-based enlarger-view of the rip-off art.


Anyone can see that this is the same drawing; using “certain tricks” in Illustrator, it surely wasn’t too difficult to make this happen.  Nice.

And another:


Again, you can see how lazy they were:  take off all the clothes, remove the shoes (but don’t finish the feet!), lengthen the hair and call it good.  Ta-Da!

When I saw this shirt yesterday, I instantly recognized it as my own, but that something was…”off”.  After getting a better look, I did my research and found this “version” of my art here:

These geniuses are Fearless Clothing, and the only place I can find their products online is here at some clothing retailing site.

I’m sure I’ll have more to share, but this was a nice way to introduce myself.



  • Very obvious rip. I hope you can get them to take it down!

  • sucks man…looks like you can still order it though

  • A few people voted this one or two stars meaning the artwork wasn’t ripped off… I have a few questions for them. First of all, are you blind? and second, what is your reasoning behind your thinking; do you really think taking someone’s work without permission and making a few tiny changes excuses this behavior?

  • Anon: I’ve often wondered that myself, and I think in general it comes down to people who actually create art/design and people who just consider themselves “aficionados” of art and design. No one who’s ever struggled with a creative process of their own would let this kind of thing–or the whole “I can see what you mean dude, but they DID kind of change it when they made her hair long” thing slide.

  • Complete and total rip-off of Krysztof’s art. I know his work when I see it; I know when it’s been stolen, slightly (and cheaply) revised to hide the real artwork.

    The face, pose and use of the handgun are obviously Krysztof’s girlie.

    Shame on cluburban.


  • My first thought was, “Ugh, those shoes, her feet look like tiny stubs,” then I saw the “shoes removed” version. Oh baby. But enough of that, this isn’t Artwork/Critique. Yeah, what a rip.

  • Anon – don’t freak out over a few people who voted 1 or 2 for whatever reason, this has 4.5 stars out of 5 so clearly most people agree this is a rip.

    I love the feet on the rip…they painstakingly took off her clothing and gave her hair extensions, but they left her looking like a double amputee? heh.

  • I think the severity and impact of the rip is usually what flags stars, regardless of the fact that they’re pretty insignificant to the point that this website is about making the community aware of potential art theft. In that regard, it succeeds.

    I’ve seen local tattoo artists in the ohio area put out work of a girl, same pose, holding a gun, head tilted slightly…but never a direct rip.

  • why oh why do ppl persist to rip off other ppl”s work? do they not have a sense of pride?

  • I think the worst part of this is what a shamelessly shoddy job they did of “fixing it”. Ugh!

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