Susan Vs Banksy

Clothing store Susan (as in “this goes with that”) has wheeled the old “as long as we change 30%” chestnut.

Their new range of sleepwear was spotted in their stores by a “concerned citizen”…armed with a camera phone and a change room, she has provided evidence…also has reportedly secured examples via a promo voucher.  It is also she that had direct contact with susan and was given the said “as long as we change 30%” line.  So they are not denying the rip

The ripped designs prominently feature the rats, in a non to sublte rip, obviously using Banksy’s as a source image and fiddling with it a bit.

The items do not appear on their online catalog for some reason???  susan vs banksy

rat bottoms

I am sure you have seen them enough to recognise them.


  • You probably know this, but there is no “30% rule,” or any other hard-and-fast rule on what constitutes copyright infringement and what doesn’t.

  • i hope there’s no such thing as a “30% rule” as i’m currently dealing with a major chain selling a shirt with my image on it and although they’ve changed it slightly, you can’t deny it’s my image. i’m so sick of clothing chains blatantly ripping off artists!

  • indeed the 30% seems to be Legal myth…used I am sure in an attempt to bluff out of contest.

  • They are not on their website because it would be too easy for Banksy’s people to find them.

  • That is what I assumed too, which would imply they know what they are doing is wrong or will at least cause trouble for them

  • Who would wear that poor-man’s bootleg street art shirt?? LOL!

  • who would where that street art

    banksy hasn’t done anything interesting since 2001,

    aside from my personal feelings on the matter, while a rip its hardly news, head down Camden market and see 100 of copys to sell cheep t-shirts,

    and considering all the rat he used to do where illegal he hasn’t really got a leg to stand on

    ”you ripped off my rat i painted on a bridge”
    ”are you admitting you defaced public property?”
    ”yes! no! shit!”

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