Hot Topic stealing another artist’s design?

This shirt on Hot Topic’s website a little too similar to artwork from Lora (Lora8 on deviantArt)?  It looks like Hot Topic used Lora’s design to create a direct knock off.  This is a sad issue indeed for designers who showcase their work online, only to have it stolen for another company’s profit.

Lora’s work can be found at


  • Hot Topic is not a clothing company—they do not design or manufacture garments. They buy them wholesale from clothing companies and music merchandising companies and have absolutely no way of knowing if a graphic is plagiarized, as is clearly the case here.

  • I second DNA. Many companies nowadays operate that way. Big names get stuff in many shops and thus theft is noticed quickly, but the fault lies with the sneaky designer who copied the original art, for some tiny clothing company who then sells it to the unsuspecting distributor etc.

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