Hammo + Bape = Jape

A few weeks ago a friend sent me this photo that he took of a “Jungle Ape” t-shirt he saw for sale in London, recognising a couple of my illustrations, but suspecting I had nothing to do with it. He was right. And I’m sure Bathing Ape, who they’re also blatantly biting, have nothing to do with it either.

Jape T-shirt on the left, my stuff on the right

So a quick search for “Jape” or “Jungle Ape” came up with an alarming catalogue of lazy theft. First of which was their logo (and t-shirt design) lifted from a stencil I did back in 2005, and coupled with the Bape “Baby Milo” face.

Followed by countless other t-shirt designs. So far I’ve counted over 70 which have used my artwork, which they’ve nicked from my Flickr, Fotolog and Stencil Revolution galleries. Here are a few examples…

Behold the sloppy thievery (click for large view)

A quick glance at some of their designs shows that they’re also ripping off Jamie Hewlett, Friends With You, FlyingFortress and Jean Julien to name but a few.

Here’s their European distributor’s page. Why not see how many more rips you can spot!

With Jungle Ape having originated in Thailand (with online stores cropping up in Europe), I’m not sure what the chances of getting any of this resolved are…


  • Holy shit, you got fucking JACKED. I wonder what they’ll do when you stop posting new art for them to steal …

  • this is unreal! i can’t even believe what i am seeing…

  • Jesus, you got sacked big time. You steal $10 from someone and he might not notice, but if you rob his whole fucking house he will definitely tell. How can someone be so greedy AND stupid to rip so much from the same artist? I hope you get somewhere with this, it’s scary.

  • Wow… jacked, robbed, deceived, thieved, stolen… running out of words. This is brutal.

  • >____________< omg
    This is an injustice!!!
    There is no way to sue them, even they're placed in Thailand?
    Hope you can and be indemnified somehow.
    ***Best wishes!***

  • I’m complaining on facebook and sharing this link with my friends, hope u can get some answers.

  • I like the “all rights reserved” line on the bottom
    Ya know, I bet Lucasfilm ltd would be interested in knowing about a few of those designs.

  • Well there’s mickeys torso in their catalog. Just inform Disney.

  • I like that in their catalogue on the european site is the tee that says “I really like it, but could you change the colours & the design?” (F125), implying some insight into the design world, in a wry sort of “Clients, eh? Tch. We’re all in this together” nod.

    Even better, that’s going to be a nicked design as well, isn’t it? It is honestly breathtaking, the scale of theft here. I mean, literally, I’ve known about this since Hammo first got that fone pic texted him from Camden, and still each time I spot a new bite in their collection I go “What? SERIOUSLY? Another one?”.

    The thing is, there designer has obviously put a bit of work into at least moving stuff around, copy & pasting art, changing overlays and composition. Why not go the extra mile and do, y’know, a bit of an honest drawing, too?

    If we could find ALL the artists they’ve stolen from (because you know absolutely none of those images are going to be originals or honestly acquired artwork), that would be amazing. Whether it would help get anything done about it or not I don’t know, but at least people will know they’ve been done wrong by.

    Hopefully if all the outlets that CAN be heaped with inconvenient lawsuits get what’s coming to them, it should at least do something to severely limit profits.

    This is my little hopeful face. I would draw it but, you know, there are thiefs out there…

  • i too am sharing this through facebook, stuff like this shouldn’t be allowed to happen.
    i really hope they get their just desserts ..

  • That is so fucking lazy, hope you rip them a new one, I found Flip clothing doing the same thing with designs taken straight from threadless.com made me sick as soon as I saw them.

  • YOure ass must be ripped into pieces when you saw that site, Imagine how much money they earned with your design, and you just make them designs hours and hours for respect by others and they make money like gazillions haha how said it is for you, but hey that will you get when you think you get respect, youre ass gonna be hurting for years and more OUCHHH

  • Wow.. This was one of the worst robberies I have seen on here in a long time.

    You should try to go after these people. This is a disgrace.

  • shocking
    f46 is a blatant jago rip!!!

  • Yep, and F17 looks like A Kinsey, and F197 is a Blooboy design.

  • OMG I can’t believe what they’ve been doing. Think you should sue’em but honestly this will cost you a lot. Damn it.

  • Get legal representation – you can make a lot of money here, very easily… a true IP lawyer will only need to approach this in the right way and they (BAPE) will pay out before it see’s court.

    Don’t sleep on it.

  • Bape will probably help you as they help themselves. Get in touch with them and team up to fight copyright crime!

    Good luck.

  • JEEZUS!!!! That is some serious rippage!!!

    I guess you’ve got a good excuse for a trip to Thailand now.
    Just take with a group of ninja’s with you, hunt them down and poop in their noodles!

    Thieving buggers!


  • This is so sad. Best of luck.

  • Just start selling their work as yours. :) Fuckers. Let’s get some hackers working on their sites.

  • That online shop you listed uses SpreadShirt as their manufacturer. They’re BB Accredited, so if you contact them directly, you should be able to get *all* of that merchandise (at least sold through them) pulled offline.

  • Emails have been sent to distributors. Limited success so far, though designshirt.eu who I’d linked to have thankfully taken the Jape stuff off their site.

    Looking through the Spanish site today I found a few new rip offs, along with this tee using McBess’ Dead Pirates design, you guessed it, without his permission…

  • Really manufacture and whosale in Thailand:

  • Really manufacture and whosale:

  • Really manufacture and whosale:


  • I’d suggest you look into what customs agencies can do for you, but obviously they won’t fix the epidemic of uncontrolled ripoffs.

  • Frannik Holmmestron

    Their Facebook page is littered with people posting this url. They’re too dumb to take them down, but they also haven’t used the FB page in months.

  • They have only today updated their facebook page, and removed all of the comments (dozens of attacks for their thievery, and dozens of postings of the url for this entry) AND disabled all comments and “liking/disliking”, as well as posting more shit they have obviously stolen from some other artists. Facebook allows a person to report that a page has made a claim of ownership of intellectual property, and while it won’t resolve this issue, it will at least shut them down on FB and show them you’re attacking them on all fronts. I suggest you sign onto FB and take that annoying action.

    Try contacting magazines and news organizations. This seems like a Huffington Post kind of a story to me.

    Best of luck.

  • That really sucks quite hard. I loved the J-Ape stuff for their “unique” design. Thanks… now I’m smarter.
    Suing them in Thailand will most likely not work but you so have a chance threatening their (online) outlets in the West with legal action. Sending eMails will not be enough, you may have to send a registered letter and pick up a phone.
    As to Thailand: there is hardly any intellectual property there (look at all the Diesel, Elements and such designs). Sometimes it’s their design stitched together, sold under some brandname.
    Going there in person and letting them face the facts will certainly get you in trouble. Wouldn’t advise it w/o any body guard(s). As they may see it: they take your designs and re-arrange them, thus creating a new design or evolving yours… intellectual property is a different term altogether in Asia… it just doesn’t exist as such. There you’re “clever” doing that – especially as long as you get away with it.

  • Definitely you have something in hand regarding their French distributor (who was creating the FB site)… anything in the West (Europe and the US) really.
    Keep in mind that some times it’s not the company as such, but the designers they hire to develop shirt prints and designs who ctrl+c – ctrl+v to make quick cash easy…

    Good luck dude

  • Ho My godness…really shocking!!!
    That is a real trouble…I dont know how save will be go to Thailand meet this people,make sure you will have body guards to protect you that.Bangkoc is a place packed of piracy fabrics every where.
    I’m complaining on facebook and sharing this link with my friends too.
    Good luck dude.
    my best wishes.

  • I became friends of Jungle Ape on FB, posted link to this blog and wrote: “I know it’s not you – but the designers of your supplier who ripped off Jonathan Moran. But you can help to set the record straight and ask your supplier in Thailand to sort things out because they/you are facing criticism from customers/community. I know Thai designers don’t give a moment of consideration before copy/paste other artists designs – intellectual property simply does not exist unless it belongs to the Royal Family ; ) but you can help to pacify the situation as described here: http://youthoughtwewouldntnotice.com/blog3/?p=6341#comments it really would reflect supergood on you and the label as such.”

    Hope it helps :)

  • This is a surprise to you all? There are two very similar artists involved in digital art that are very likely to copy, those who specialize in vector graphics and those who specialize in 3d modeling.

    People in Graphic Design are likely to do vector work, they are usually good at the technical and layout aspects of things, but because they don’t really have a drawing background especially in anatomy they trace the artwork of those who do.
    3D modelers do it too, especially environment artists, you simply take a picture set it up as a background and “trace” in a 3D program.

    Alot of the business enable it, when they look for vector and modelers they do not put emphasis on their ability to draw, they’re actually not EXPECTED to know how to draw, and they hire SEPARATE artists for that!

  • Holy smokes… I’m sending them hate mail.

  • Amazing!! I hope you will keep up the outstanding work.

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