Rage Against The Machine Stole My Idea – Total Rip Off (NOT)

YTWWN SAYS:  Im letting this post go up as a ‘what not to do’ the case here is that they have both sourced the same image or both ripped of the same photographer. Also note there is no such thing as ‘google stock image’


A logo i made for our band ‘Tribal Vibe’ www.tribalvibe.com It has now been stolen and used as a Rage Against The Machine T-Shirt. Apparently for their most recent gig too.

i was looking through the NME magazine and saw the tshirt wiht our DVD cover. imagine my surprise!!!

The original photo comes from google stock image and was edited in a specific way to make the DVD cover.

Here is the Original Design from Tribal Vibe with the rip off tshirt design added in the bottom corner.

here is the link to the original tribal vibe Cover. it shows the date the image was uploaded


and there is the link to the RATM TShirt



  • i call troll

  • Troll. No one is this stupid.

  • LOL @ “Google stock image”

  • haha. that’s the *very first* result that comes up when you search for lion.

    and, unfortunately, yes, people are this stupid.

  • Nice, Google sells stock images now?


  • Please fucking kill yourself immediately.

  • It’s hardly a rip off when you’re using a stock image bozo…

  • Haha. God.
    If i had a dime for every client that told me “Oh no worries about photos. I’ll just grab some off of Google images for the site.”

    I’d have… 5 bucks. Enough for a taco bell #7 meal! huzzah

  • OP clearly stole the picture from Google, as they admitted, but Rage against the machine is a big band, I’d give them the benefit of doubt that they might have actually paid that photographer, rather than stolen the pic. They might have, but I’d be cautious about assuming.

    And for anyone doubting that people this stupid exist, oh, you’d be surprised. Not only do they exist, but they exist in colossal amounts, even in art communities.

    I absolutely HATE people who say they’ll use “Google stock image”, it makes me want to sock them in the teeth.

  • did you take the photo of that lion?

  • lol…and you can clearly see the crop line at the top of the image… at least RATM included it as part of the design… AAAAANNND I HATE people jumping on the “street art” band wagon and using the aesthetic to appear cool and streety… “specific way” ..what, posterize???

  • ROFL “Google stock image”. Adding their business to my web bookmarks right next to “Shift-Cmd-4 Stock Photo”.

  • WHAT A RIP!!!



  • Did you purchase the copyright to the “google stock image,” the non-exclusive copyright license to the “google stock image,” or just grab it off google?

  • Naturally-Brewed

    ahhahaha the rage one is so much better as well.

  • wow. you took the time to google search for a lion and run it through some PS filters and call it a work of art and then some other band stole that from you even though it is the first google image that shows up under “lion”?! the nerve of them!!
    multi-million dollar lawsuit is in order

  • Maybe it’s not so important in this case, but your DVD cover looks like shit ^^

  • is it just me or does that dvd cover look like a rip from an old lion bar ad ???

  • Sure… Wow, so you made a logo out of a stock image? That there is violation of intellectual property.

  • Yeah have to agree.. you can’t use google images as a source for stock photos then claim ratm copied you. The original creator of this photo is the one that should have the post on this site.

  • As what Anonymous said you Posterized it (though on closer inspection I’m thinking cutout) and yet theirs looks like they made it into a halftone from the original image. With the way in which you’ve placed it together for the cover artwork I see it highly unlikely that they could get as much detail as they have in the image by ripping it off your design.

    I ask the same question “did you take the photo of that lion?” if not both you and the t-shirt designer could of got it from the same source.

  • Umm… no.

    Nice try, but no way is that t-shirt copying what that guy thinks is “his” image creation. Along these lines, check out http://etsycallout.wordpress.com/ for more hilariously funny “artists” claiming other people are copying them, when they themselves are blatantly copying from someone else. Great sites both!!

  • OP’s graphic is terrible to start. OP didn’t own the image at all. RATM is probably better than you’re terrible ass band for a third…which says very little considering they’re terrible.

  • Totally agree with You all, people reacting to this stupid post !

    Are You afraid of lions ?…so You would not take a shot by yourself … booooh !
    I guess You also are afraid of brick walls…
    To me, both designs suck.
    I don’t think Rage against the machine paid any photographer… probably, an agency bought a shot online for a few bucks -best-case scenario-.
    + a lion sleeps 20 hours a day, so forget about any vibe or any rage.
    Meaning, as for me, the idea sucks by itself, and there is no thinking behind it.

    So may I ask : what is this “value-system” that makes you start crying-posting because others act the way you do ?

    A friend -agency founder, very creative and hard-working- recently came to me -he was quite excited- and told me he was close to the new head of corbis south-east Asia. He wanted to introduce me.

    The only stocks I work on are READY-MADE and they are paid for by clients who know about the value of image.

    F… Y.. D…

  • *custom-made… oooops ! Am I being contaminated ?

  • Thankyou to Mr magnificence of Your

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