Hot Topic Rings – clearly ripped from HMC Designs

Hot Topic has done it again. This time they are selling rings featuring faces that look almost identical to those of HMC Designs (an Etsy artist from Australia)


  • is this a fucking joke?

  • It’d be lovely if everyone could understand that it’s not Hot Topic that’s stealing the designs. They don’t have in-house designers that make their stock. They do have buyers that head all over, hitting up every trade show, licensing show, and are approached by every manufacturer and distributor that wants a piece of that pie.

    Their buyers don’t know if something is being misrepresented or not. Look at the product itself at Hot Topic and check out the copyright/distribution information. THAT is where to start if you feel someone’s intellectual property has been infringed upon. Blaming the retailer is ridiculous and misguided. Why is this so hard for people to grasp?

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  • Lucky for everyone these all look like shit

  • Although I agree, these are egregious rips.

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