Rawr! That means thief in dinosaur!

Hot Topic and friends strike again?

So I was checking Facebook not long ago when someone on my friends list posted an image of a T shirt from Hot Topic. Immediately, it looked rather familiar.

Said T shirt can be seen below.


It can be found on sale at Hot Topic. But it originally comes from this company.

Loyal Army, the “original” producer of this T shirt’s main aim is to give people kawaii (Japanese for cute) clothing and accessories. And anyone who is into Japanese pop culture, anything kawaii, and spends enough time on the internet to know anything about Japanese pop culture, they just may recognize the image seen below.

While this is the most popular image depicted. It is actually from this image by ToastyPants from Deviant Art.

I can say I first saw the original quite a few years ago (at least 3-4 years). It’s a rather popular image on the internet, and has come in many variations (as they’ve stated in the description on the deviantart page).

Not to mention, Hot Topic has a reputation for selling rip offs and stolen art from companies that are obviously less than reputable.  When will these companies learn?


The company has been contacted by the original artist and a deal is being struck. It seems they had been mistaken on who the original artist was and had contacted and gotten permission from the wrong individual.



  • Sorry, the only thing I really see similar in these two is the kid in a dinosaur suit. I’m all ready and willing to admit that the t-shirt was inspired by the drawing, but I don’t see any true ripping going on. I want to support the artists, don’t get me wrong, but this is just too different.

  • Sorry, no rip, not even close…. I have done drawings of kids in costumes, usually bunny or teddy, though a dinosaur would have been just as logical – without ever having seen that image before. I am assuming the artist did see the original beforehand, based on the tail, horns (?) and zipper, though – but completely his own spin.

  • I agree. There’s no copyright on ideas; only the execution is covered.

  • LOLSeriously?

    I don’t think this counts at all.

    Also, I did drawing in high school (in the 90s) for an exgf…Brontosaurus with a speech bubble saying “ROAR”* and an asterisk note at the bottom saying “Roar means I love you.” They totally ripped me!

  • I find all the comments above amazing. I see an utter rip of someones work, nothing else.

    “the only thing I really see similar in these two is the kid in a dinosaur suit.”

    well that’s the thing that’s been ripped… oh and the word RAWR with it too.

    “I am assuming the artist did see the original beforehand, based on the tail, horns (?) and zipper, though – but completely his own spin.”

    his own spin as in, really very nearly the same but slightly different, hmmm…

    “I agree. There’s no copyright on ideas; only the execution is covered.”

    Oh well that’s cleared that up then. What does that even mean???

  • Anon1:
    If you follow the link to the original artist and the original work, the artist NEVER put the “Rawr means I love you in Dinosaur”. After her picture became viral, someone added that separately. The “I love you in dinosaur” was NEVER her idea.

    And I can point you in the direction of thousands, literally THOUSANDS of drawing on deviantart alone of a kid/boy/girl/person in a dinosaur suit. It’s not an original idea.

    And omg! They both have the word RAWR in them! They MUST be rips.


  • Meant to quote “rawr means I love you in dinosaur”. Typos.

  • @trip Ok. So I look on google images, just for the word “rawr”. I find lots of references to the picture being quoted as the “original” in this post. There are others but they are not very similar, no curvy little legs, no zip down the front, no tail out the back. The alleged rip here is very similar, same unusual legs, same zip and costume shape, same tail and head spikes.

    It’s this similarity that makes it a copy in my mind.

    If you can post an equally similar image from the “thousands” of boy/girl/person in dinosaur suit you refer to, so you can back up what you’re saying, I’ll accept your argument. But usually I find when people say “oh, there’s millions of logo’s in circles like that” or “its just a picture of a dog, its not very original” they fail to understand what can make a picture of the same subject matter original, what makes one artist stand out from another. They also are unable to actually find one that is that similar once they have to look!

    So can you actually post an image or a link to a deviant art image that is as similar as these two, like you claim?

  • The tail, the shape of the legs and the zipper suggest it is a direct rip, but mostly I look at this and see Pete Wentz on a tricycle.

  • @Rosie: Indeed.
    You can’t copyright the use of the word “Rawr” and you most certainly cannot copy the use of a kid wearing a dinosaur suit.

    Was the shirt probably inspired by the drawing? Yes. Was it ripped? No.

  • i made a dinosaur boy like that in 2005… i had a devianart account but then i saw my work stolen in some elses …¬¬ so i take it off.. this dinosaur thingy is like the most ripped off dinosaur around.. so.. bad luck.. dont post it if you dont want it stolen :(

  • Here’s another company using Toastypants’s design without her permission:

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