If you can’t be ‘Kid Robot’, try stealing

Every now and then I pop into Hot Topic to see who they are ripping off at the moment.  It seems that there is a wholesale ripoff of TADO these days with a line called SO SO HAPPY.  I took a photo of a figure series they had on display and double checked it when I got home.  But it doesn’t stop there, I spied a line of stickers that rips Kid Robot’s BFF series line by Travis Cain as well.

SO SO Happy or TADO?


  • I fail to see the rip off here.

  • I used to manager a teen geared fast fashion store and, in all fairness, it’s the not company themselves that rip off artists. They buy their stuff from a vendor who rips off other artists. Granted, this is a well known problem in the industry so the buyers for these companies should do their research. Once a copy right infringement is discovered the companies will direct the stores to pull the merchandise off the shelves and destroy them/send them back.

  • Similar styles, but not a rip. These two artists are not the only people who have ever drawn overly cute characters. Not to mention that I fail to see any directly ripped characters. I see similar ideas though.

  • I can see what you mean with the first one. The packaging was definitely ‘inspired’ by the Tado design. Not sure about the second one though.

  • the two “rips” are actually two different companies I think. One is So So happy but the other is Bored Inc.

  • The only correlation other than a collection of characters I see in the first photo is the rainbow. I don’t see any in the second. Not a rip.

  • Not really a rip. There are numerous illustrators and companies flying the exact same style, and have done so for a long while. Have a look at San Rio for example, their shit’s been there for ages. Way before those guys started doing it.

    I think what the real crime here is, is that the illustrators of the ‘best friends’ thingie didn’t even take the bloody effort to mirror the eye reflections properly. I mean, come on! Basic Illustrator knowledge people!

  • @whocares Sanrio is completely irrelevant to this case. Sanrio has as more in common with Mickey Mouse than it does Tado.

    And i think comments like that are showing why some people are missing the point. To a lot of people, vectored cute characters all look the same. But there’s a lot more that goes into said characters than meets the eye, and if you know the area well enough you would completely understand why this work is more than just ‘similar cute characters.’

    To some people they may look like a bunch of characters in the same style as Tados. To those of us who have a little more experience in the area – it’s more than obvious that they have (without a shadow of doubt) sat down with the intention of creating a line of toys based on Tados, but with enough difference to avoid any legal problems. Some of those characters are blantantly based on other Tado characters that don’t even feature in the toy line, so it’s definitely an immoral way to go about business however you look it.

  • @whocares And also, really don’t mean this as an attack or anything but that last comment of yours shows a bit more ignorance to the area. Loads of seemingly symmetrical designs like that don’t have perfectly mirrored eyes and features. Hate using this line again, but if you knew the area, you’d know that.

  • Not a rip. Both artist use a pretty generic Japanese cute/”kawaii”. Not incredibly original, though I’m sure it’s a great way to make a quick buck. Just google “kawaii” and you’ll find thousands of similar illustrations.

    via google search:



    one for whocares
    Hah! Mirroring eye reflections? amateur move.

  • yes. that last sentence was an example of sarcasm. some people think they know so much about “art” yet they know so little.

  • its obviously not copied.

  • I have to admit I don’t really see the rip here either.

    @ Dan: you suggest people are showing their “ignorance to this area”, and or don’t understand or can’t see connections you do. But you don’t really provide us any insight into this if it is true, you’ve just provided two photos of seemingly different products or product ranges without any explanation where the invisible rip might be. (I’m assuming you are the OP, apologies if not the case)

    I think it might even be you who is missing the point. The artworks are not close enough to be considered a rip at all, and I’m struggling to find ANY real similarities. Sure they are competitors, and are producing similar kinds of products in a not too dissimilar style. But isn’t that’s normal for most industries/areas? You need more than this to call a rip.

    Also, unusually, I agree that the fact this style in itself isn’t particularly unusual, is important too. And rarely, people here have provided other examples that are similar, like kawaii or hello kitty, that you have dismissed a little too quickly. But they ARE similar, its not that we don’t understand…go to any Chinese supermarket and products are smothered in branding based on similar cartoony characters.

    0/5 on the rip scale for me.

    P.S. where has the rip scale gone?

  • @dan I’ve been in this industry long enough to be able and tell if a reflection in an eye is merely mirrored or done right. This one is just mirrored, not done right. Learn your basics before firing away your flames.

  • Both look like standard Kawaii design to me. I fail to see the rip-off. Spend one day in a Japanese retail store and you’ll find hundreds of similar designs.

  • Sharon Penland-Mace

    The only two that look alike are the last two in the bottom row, but they look like the same painting. I’m sorry, but I don’t see any others as a rip-off. If that kind of “copying” is a rip-off, then every art movement such as Impressionism, Pointilism, Realism, Happenings, abstract art, are all ripping off. Music, painting, sculpture, architecture are all arts and each artist is usually influenced by what other artist is doing. That’s why there is such a thing called “art movements,” because many artists are experimenting with the same techniques and styles. It’s no big deal, and clinging to every detail in your own work and trying to find those same small details in another’s work is simply a waste of time and a bit egoistic, I think.

  • Hey just wanted to direct you to a rip-off of a clothing line down here in Miami! Last Rights found an old business partner Soles Inc. bootlegging some of their most popular shirts and selling them for ridiculous prices at their stores in the Hollywood Hard Rock Casino and South Beach. Here is Last Rights picture of the copy http://twitpic.com/4z9ui3 and here is Last Rights online store. I know for a fact LAst Rights is the original because i purchases this shirt 2+yrs ago when they first made it, and Soles only recently started selling it with a different nose shape and their own logos on the sleeve and tags! L-O-S-E-R-S!

    See carfully the letter “T”


    See the difference? jajaja NOT! its the same design treatment !!

    jajaja it´s funy because the name of the studio is FACE and sounds like FAKE JAJAJAJA

  • The SECOND letter T, sorry !!

  • The Hot Topic product is a rip from the original BFF series. The person who posted this information didn’t upload the image of the originals (stop comparing the images presented). You can see the actual BFF designs on kidrobot.com or artforindustry.com.

  • I don’t even see a similarity.

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