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Have a Heart, Hot Topic!

ATTORNEYSCOTT COMMENTARY: Copyright infringement cases relating to jewelry are on the rise, with retailers attempting to make an extra buck by having cheaper knock-offs made of trendy pieces they see in boutiques, magazines, or around town, and then selling those copies to the public. The sine qua non in such

If you can’t be ‘Kid Robot’, try stealing

Every now and then I pop into Hot Topic to see who they are ripping off at the moment.  It seems that there is a wholesale ripoff of TADO these days with a line called SO SO HAPPY.  I took a photo of a figure series they had on display

Rawr! That means thief in dinosaur!

Hot Topic and friends strike again? So I was checking Facebook not long ago when someone on my friends list posted an image of a T shirt from Hot Topic. Immediately, it looked rather familiar. Said T shirt can be seen below.   It can be found on sale at

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