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Birds of a Feather

ATTORNEYSCOTT COMMENTARY: When it comes to art depicting the animal kingdom, certain limitations on copyright protection apply. The naturalistic appear of the animal, and the basic components of its corpus, are not protectable. If you draw an owl atop a tree, you will not be able to stop others from

What on Earth is Transformative Use?

ATTORNEYSCOTT COMMENTARY: This post allows us to explore some of the issues raised in Prince v. Cariou, last year’s most head-scratching appellate court case. In that case, Richard Prince, a collage or “appropriation” artist, was alleged to have taken without permission a number of photographs created by Patric Cariou for a


Walmart is known for rolling back prices, but are they also making moves that roll right over the intellectual property rights of a Bay Area artist? The politics of this dispute give it an extra bit of oomph. Walmart, known to be a leading member of the establishment and conservative

Recasting in the Digital Age

ATTORNEYSCOTT COMMENTARY: One of the exclusive rights granted to an artist when she creates an original work  is the right to “transform” or “recast” that work in ways she sees fit. That precludes others from, say, taking one’s painting of a unicorn and making unicorn stuffed animals based on the

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