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Didn’t think I’d post back here again…

I guess I was wrong.

I was notified  that one of my photographs was being used in a website design for a D.I.Y. site, The person who notified me happened to be the model herself!


The original photograph is:

IMG_3159 copy

If you ask me, why would the designer, “Vice Alliance“,¬† would tackily combine my photograph onto a stolen illustration (because come on, we know it is) in a commercial manner is beyond me. I’ve seen that illustration somewhere, and I’m pretty sure it’s deviantART, but I haven’t found the artist just yet.
Oh by the way, this designer has worked for companies and big names like MTV, WWE, ESPN, D&B, etc. or so it’s supposedly stated on the website.
I contacted the designer, and he said the photos were given to him by the client, so I had to take it up with “” instead. Funny that it’s suddenly “OKAY” for a web designer to use other people’s work other than those of the client, because the client gives them the images to use.
Who knows, that may be the case, but it’s common sense that someone else owns the rights to these images, being that I stamp my pictures with my name. Artraged Photography is definitely not “”

Is this something that webdesigners normally do? Freely use images given to them by the client with no proof of ownership to those images?

Your thoughts on this matter would be greatly appreciated.


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A little more than that… The funny part is, I’ve actually asked Raquel Reed to work with me, and well, she brushed me off like I’ve heard she’s brushed others off… but wait, instead (either she or her designers) use my business banner from my myspace page as a template for her coming soon banner for her website? Not cool… This was caught on so soon considering she’s quite popular in the industry, by why stoop this low?


Same colors, concept, they (she or her designers) also turned my little owl logo into some strange swirly thing. I just don’t understand people.

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