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Awesome Merchandise…Awesome Nation of Six Music?

One of our customers emailed us at work to say that some people were using our artwork for the Save BBC 6 Music campaign…turns out that @janeandjoe ( are taking credit for creating the below artwork!

Ripped off from our original artwork above which was created a couple of years ago by the wonderful Steve Kitchen of Combination13 (

Sad times…loads of people are commenting on Facebook saying about how “awesome” it is…and how “awesome” it would look on a t-shirt! it already does look good on t-shirts…on ours!

Bit frustrating as some of us at work listen to Six Music so we’re not “against” the cause…but it’s pretty bad form to rip off our artwork…which has now become the “official” flag of the Awesome Nation of Six Music on Lauren Laverne’s blog here

Oooh…Janeandjoe have just “disappeared” from twitter! Mid-post update.

Feel a bit silly ranting…but we’re a small company and we work really really hard and it’s bad form that the artwork’s been ripped off and they’re not even crediting Combination13 or us for “inspiration” even!

Love how everyone’s using the word “awesome” in relation to it as well! It is awesome….Awesome Merchandise!!

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