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Forever 21 Rips ZOO YORK clothing?

My sister had a Zoo York Bag she purchased at a Pacific sunwear in a local mall that was a pretty nice “Doodle” design for a female messenger bag. She was then at a “Forever 21″ Store, when she saw a duffel bag with the same exact print, except instead of “I Heart NY” It says “I Love LA” … WTF. Same pattern, but a different city. It’s all the same doodles … just check the photos.

Here is the original Link to the Pacific Sunwear ZOO YORK Messenger Bag.

Zoo York Bag

Doodle Detail up close

And here is the Forever 21 Ripoff Duffel Bag:

Forever 21 Rip
Forever 21 Ripoff DuffelForever 21 Ripoff Duffel Details

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