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Bombthesilent steals Hylton Warburton’s design

Bombthesilent has stolen Hylton Warburton’s design, and is trying to sell Tshirts with the design on them… THIEF!

Here is Hylton Warburton’s original Illustration…

And here is where Bombthesilent is trying to sell the design illegally…

Bombthesilent has also ripped off other artist, one of which is Jess Fink.

blatant Fullbleed ripoff!

While looking an a shop here in Durban, South africa, called E-Squared, i came across a whole bunch of t-shirts with fullbleeds designs on them, except they were being sold as a brand called ROCKY… they werent even vague ripoffs! they straight copies!

e-squared even have an image of the ripped of design on their flickr page,


unfortunately i wasnt in a position where i could take pictures of the other designs that were ripped off.

Fullbleed’s “Burning Bridges” design ripped off!

Fullbleed’s “Burning Bridges” design ripped off!