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Radiohead Music Video Contest Winner Rips Off Monkmus

I’m a big fan of Radiohead and recently saw one of their latest music videos which reminded me of a video I saw for Los Campesinos!  At first look, the similarities are not so glaring because the animated techniques used in the videos are different, but upon closer examination, I had to say hmmmm.  Below is a summary of my findings.  (I want to clearly state here that I am NOT questioning Radiohead’s artistic integrity in any way, as they merely chose the winners of the contest based on the ideas pitched to them by the contestants).

Radiohead’s music video by Clement Picon for the track “Reckoner” from their latest album “In Rainbows” became the official vid for the track after it was chosen as one of the four grand prize winners in an animated music video contest held in 2008. The video has the same concept as the music vid for Los Campesinos!, “You! Me! Dancing!” by director/animator Monkmus, released in spring 2007. Looking past the difference in the format and techniques used, and apart from the concept being the same (trees first grow on barren land, houses are built, followed by cities, then everything is destroyed, then there is regrowth, etc.), there are shots in Picon’s video that are exactly the same as in Monkmus’ video, including the closing shot – see diagram below. All this combined make it tough to dismiss it as mere coincidence.

Los Camp vs. Radiohead

YOUTUBE: You! Me! Dancing!
YOUTUBE: Reckoner