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Hammo + Bape = Jape

A few weeks ago a friend sent me this photo that he took of a “Jungle Ape” t-shirt he saw for sale in London, recognising a couple of my illustrations, but suspecting I had nothing to do with it. He was right. And I’m sure Bathing Ape, who they’re also blatantly biting, have nothing to do with it either.

Jape T-shirt on the left, my stuff on the right

So a quick search for “Jape” or “Jungle Ape” came up with an alarming catalogue of lazy theft. First of which was their logo (and t-shirt design) lifted from a stencil I did back in 2005, and coupled with the Bape “Baby Milo” face.

Followed by countless other t-shirt designs. So far I’ve counted over 70 which have used my artwork, which they’ve nicked from my Flickr, Fotolog and Stencil Revolution galleries. Here are a few examples…

Behold the sloppy thievery (click for large view)

A quick glance at some of their designs shows that they’re also ripping off Jamie Hewlett, Friends With You, FlyingFortress and Jean Julien to name but a few.

Here’s their European distributor’s page. Why not see how many more rips you can spot!

With Jungle Ape having originated in Thailand (with online stores cropping up in Europe), I’m not sure what the chances of getting any of this resolved are…

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