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My name is Johnny. I make clothes with cupcakes on em.

Billabong steals Johnny Cupcakes design recipe.

Billabong steals Johnny Cupcakes design recipe.Billabong (or should I say Billawrong), totally jacked a previous t-shirt design of Johnny Cupcakes.  Above you can see his golden tooth t-shirt design, which was created in 2005 (on a brown shirt) – and was sold up until this year in various colorways. This winter, Billabong JUST released their black version of a shirt that is almost an exact copy of a hand drawn set of Johnny Cupcakes teeth. They released it in Europe because they thought we wouldn’t notice. They could’ve stole the idea and used different teeth… It would of still sucked, but not as bad as the nonsense they just pulled.  There is a thin line between parody and straight up copying. “Even if nothing comes out of this, I’d at least like the whole world to know about these shenanigans Billabong has blatantly pulled”, says Johnny.  Urban outfitters did something similar to him, in 2006.

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