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Kingory Uses Chun-Li Art for their Ad Campaign/Site

I’m sure you’ve seen ads for Kingory popping up recently. They’re hard to miss and reek of a certain other online game’s indecent ad campaign. I was wary of Kingory going down the same road, so I researched and found a statement from one of the company’s team (by the name of Megan Liu) implying they had nothing to do with Evony or its product. For the moment, I was satisfied with that.

Now I am not so sure—or perhaps it is par for the course with these games.

Before, the ads featured a modestly clad, attractive Asian female, along with an all too familiar use of the word “lord”, the initial reason I associated the games with one another. But today, I was shocked to see a new Kingory ad—one using a picture of, no, not a scantily clad model or boob shot, but Chun-Li of Street Fighter fame.

Blatant theft?

Blatant theft?

As if it couldn’t get any worse, I followed the ad directly to the Kingory site, where they are using Chun-Li as the background to their login screen.

really, Kingory? Really?

Really, Kingory? Really?

Better still, doing a simple Google image search brings up the same picture they are using in ads and on site (around the second page of image results).

I would keep an eye out for more theft from this site in the future, but for now, I can only hope Capcom will catch wind of this.

Edit: It seems like they have a new layout for their site, sans the Chun-Li art.

Also, the art apparently belongs to Artgerm, as posted on their deviantArt page.

Edit 11/9/09: My attention was brought to this—



They seem to have alternate links to their main site, which link to different versions of their homepage. Here is the one with Chun-Li, still existing, and this one, with Po from Kung-Fu Panda.