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Marc Ecko Knocks REBEL8 Off

Quoted from the REBEL8 website:

“REBEL8 has been knocked-off before. Mike Giant’s art has been copied, mimicked, and blatantly stolen countless times from both small and large companies. This knock-off from Marc Ecko Cut & Sew really caught my attention.

This was the first time a company of this magnitude in street-wear has taken our signature look and used it as their own.

I post this on our website to not only document this, but to show and call attention to the inability of a company as large as Marc Ecko’s to produce original work.

I am well aware that Marc Ecko probably did not create this one t-shirt. I am also aware he may not even know what REBEL8 is or who and what Mike Giant does. It is very easy to be blind to what is really going on in street wear and the streets when you have $800-million in the bank.

However, there is some pathetic individual in Ecko’s design department copying us, and most likely a bunch of other creative, progressive, and unique companies out there.

To me, it should be the job and role of a company leader, as Marc Ecko, to ensure and demand their company never bites.

-Joshy D.”

REBEL8 style.

Skateboard deck by REBEL8.

REBEL8 shirt available on Digital Gravel.

Notice the girl with tattoos all-over in a black and white style.

Now the design by Marc Ecko Cut & Sew.

Very very similar if you ask me. I think Joshy D. describe it pretty well. I’ll just leave it at that.

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