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Ben Frost VS Supernova

A while a go i found a shop selling ripped designs from artists like sixten. Because of this I consciously drop back in to make sure they dont sell any more dodgy shit. Today i went in and found a blatant rip from Ben Frost. You can see that “Supernova” ( the t-shirt label) have changed a little from Ben’s design but not that much. I have just sent Ben an email and am looking forward to his reply.

The funny thing is that with a few phone calls i found out that the guy that owns the shop also has his hand in the Supernova. Will keep you updated with what happens

Ben Frost Design
Ben Frost Design

This is the shirt from Supernova
Supernover shirt

what do you all think??

sixten VS team nihilist

walking through a cloths shop and a shirt by team nihilist caught my eye. after closer inspection i recognized the design to be that of artist known as sixten. but the design on the shirt was of poor quality which made me ask the question did sixten ok this shirt design?? i dont think he would have if he saw the half arsed atempt!
im willing to be wrong….check it out your self!

original sixten work in city lights project in melbourne

original sixten

shirt found in clothing store shirt label team nihilist

team nihilist shirt

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