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Copying, Stalking and Shop Deletions on Etsy

EDM Designs used to be a supplies seller, until she discovered my shop. Every time I made a sale, she “magically” came up with a “new and original design” exactly like mine within a week to 10 days. She also copied my listings almost word for word, including titles.

Admin told me to deal with her directly and “work it out”, which led to a series of abusive emails from her threatening my business, my life, and my 4 year old daughter. I have sent the emails, with full headers to Etsy, and some other trace backs as well that prove that it’s the same IP address. When I reported the email threats to admin, their response was “Thanks for letting us know” – and nothing else.

She has also been finding out who has been blogging about my work, and posting (as someone else) that she bought from me, and that my work arrived broken, badly made, not looking like the pictures, etc.

She’s a total and complete psycho, without an original bone in her body. She has now moved on to copying other jewelers on Etsy, and their complaints have also gone unheeded by admin. When Etsy admin got tired of hearing me complain about all of the copyright violations they decided that the best thing to do would be to close both of MY stores.

You know, if she were just copying my work, I’d be pissed, but “that’s the way business works”. Copying my words is just plain crappy and unethical, and even threatening ME I might be able to understand – but threatening the life of a 4 year old child is beyond belief. The fact that Etsy is protecting EDM Designs is just disgusting.



And so on…

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