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Mark Seliger ripoff?

YTWWN:Added a few more images to help illustrate your point better.

Recently I saw this post about a book featuring mexican television company Televisa’s artists where the photographer ripped off photographer Mark Seliger, several times. The post is in spanish but you can see in the photos what it’s about. The post says the photos are credited to Gabriela Saavedra, it seems this is her site.

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Wrong choice

As some posts earlier stated, sometimes someone with a little visual culture will come in and will convince others that they have this “original” idea. Mexican metrosexual mariachi Alejandro Fernandez jacks  Fatboy Slim’s Weapon of Choice video for a remix of one of his songs.   I know you can’t blame the artist, but someone’s got to have seen Fatboy’s vid. Plus, the video doesn’t actually have anything to do with the song. Fatboy’s video  Fernandez’s Video 

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