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Try to convince me they didnt rip my name off…

Ok, I wish I had something as tangible as a blatantly copied art piece…

But after being in business for 3.5 years, my company is my baby, my art. And i chose a name that no one would ever likely replicate, both because of the obscurity and spelling.

This is me, Sugadeaux. In business in Australia since 2007 – see that copyright at the bottom of the screen?

And here’s a  business in Indiana who were brought to my attention today. See? Around since 2010? Ignore the fact they used “bakery” in the title, they clearly only have cupcakes. PLus they used one of those addresses so the fact that i own the sugadeaux domain is redundant. *sigh*

If you think there is a chance in hell that this person didnt google the name before the settled on it, you’re wrong. Its irrelevant that the two businesses are physically located in two different countries – both are internet based, and both reply on being showcased on international blogs and sites to make a name for themselves, particularly for SEO.

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