Burntfeather vs E-Klah

AttorneyScott Commentary:

In our everyone’s-connected era, there are an increasing number of ‘right-click cowboys’ that scour the internet for works to use on product such as clothing. All too often, they fail to seek a license from the artist to use the works. The below appears to be one such example.



I recently discovered through a friend, that runs the fantastic site Sick for Cute website about a stolen design, when she unknowingly bought the stock for her shop.

The company involved in the stolen design is an LA company by the name of E-Klah.  They’re selling a blythe shirt where the original image was based off my original painting as you see below.

My original design on the left and the copy on the right
(right image courtesy of Sick for Cute)

I’ve emailed E-Klah but haven’t heard a word back yet.

I actually wrote to them saying it’s uncouth to steal but I thought the designer involved did a really great job with my original design, which to be honest, had a pretty mellow life up to this point.  In my email I said I would love to work with them in the future.

It’s a little bit sad that after a week they haven’t emailed me back.  The best outcome for me would be a positive one where we could work together with total transparency.  Failing that, if all that comes out of this, is that people are wearing a design that started off in my brain, then I can go to bed smiling :)



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